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Hi-res contact icons ... here's a tip


I don't know if this has ever changed or been updated but if you're like me you can't stand the grainy looking contact photos that show when someone calls you.  Ever wonder why they're not high res?  I hated that until I came across a way to get high res icons on my contacts when they call.


The problem is on the Google end and how things are synced.  If you sync photos with Google then you'll get those low res photos coming through when you receive a call.


In order to get an awesome high resolution photo when one of your contacts call you, you simply have to save that photo as a TMO contact.  Here's what I did ... and I realize it might be a pain to some and perhaps not even worth it just to see a high res photo lol ... but anyway...


- went into Contacts and created a Name only contact of each Google contact I frequently communicate with
- made sure when creating that Contact it was a T-Mobile contact
- added a high resolution photo to the Contact from my Gallery (or wherever you want to pick from)

- Saved and then synced it with an existing Google contact


Now I've heard that Facebook photos come through as high res for some but that has never been the case for me.  But if you sync with HTC Facebook and you get a high res photo when you receive a call then great.  I don't sync anymore with Facebook for this reason lol ... I couldn't stand the grainy photos so I've used the TMO method ever since.


I love searching the web for a cool high res photo or taking a picture of someone to use as their photo and saving it as a TMO Contact to see the high res photo shine when I get a call.


I remember an old thread suggesting that it's all about how you choose the photo for a Google contact but what I experienced was that it would not stay as high res after a call ... the only way I've found to ensure the high res photo stays in tact is to sync Google contacts with a recreated TMO contact that has the high res photo.


Anyway ... just a quick tip for those new to the myTouch 4G.