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    Tmobile basically won't unlock my fully paid phone

      What kind of horrible customer service is the following?  I bought the Galaxy 3 outright last year, full price and when I asked customer service to have it unlocked, they said I would get the unlock code by email.  Now I get the following.  Who keeps the receipt, and who uses a fax machine anymore?  This is just Tmobile trying to be manuipulative, but all it does is make for bad customer relations.

      Opinions??  What to do????


      P. S.  the irony is that in the email below they say the customer email address is optional and they don't ask for a physical address, so how would they send me an unlock code????  Very amusing, and at the same time annoying.



      T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
      Sim Unlock Reference:  xxxxx
      IMEI:  xxxxxxxxxxxx

      Unlock Code:  Waiting For FAX - MSRP

      Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. At this time, we will need a copy of the original sales receipt to be faxed into the SIM Unlock Team showing full retail purchase price was paid for the equipment. The fax number is 813-353-6557. Your request will be placed in pending status for 7 business days to allow time for processing. Please include the following information with the fax.

      " ATTN: SIM Unlock Team
      " Remedy Form#
      " Customer's Full Name
      " Contact number
      " Customer's Email Address (optional)
      " Copy of the original sales receipt showing the Full Retail Purchase Price of the handset.

      Thank You,

      Sim Unlock Department
      T-Mobile USA, Inc.