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    Windows 7.8 Update for Nokia Lumia 710

      Okay so on the Nokia website, they feature the Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows 7.8 Update, and yet it shows the phone with a T-Mobile brand name on the bottom of more than one of the pictures. Are you not letting us know everything about Windows, Nokia, and T-Mobile, or is this just an error that Nokia made? Please reply to me with as much info as you can and no putting links to websites where i have to search for the information that is not there, and please do not re-quote either of the two answers that you have been posting as answers to our questions. I would like a realistc answer from T-Mobile itself, preferably someone from T-Force who knows more about this stuff. Thanks again.

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          they commented differently on my page at least confirming they know about it and not the usual bs " At this time it will not receive the update" or "T-Mobile is committed to enhancing customers experience"

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            The realistic answer rherbe01 is we don't offer information on upcoming updates until they are finalized because things can change so drastically and quickly that what we say one day could be 100% false the next day. We don't like making promises to customers that we may not be able to deliver on. There is a possibility we can be working on a certain upgrade and it could get delayed, or worse canceled because it just can't support or preform the way we need it to. This is the exact reason we use answers talking about our commitment to enhancing our customer's experience because that we can say and mean it and it never stops being true. We will share information about specific updates as we can but please understand we can only share so much. Thanks for your understanding.




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              T-Mobile and Nokia are now featuring the new Nokia 510 Windows Phone 8. I understand it will be available on May 22nd. Basically Nokia, Microsoft, and T-Mobile are not answering with the response you want to hear because they have no plans to do any update for the 710. They would rather you sink more of your money into the new Nokia 510 or some such. Supremely bad Customer Relations on the part of all three companies!


              I won't buy another Windows phone because of this. It is called "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Customers that do proper research when considering a phone will quickly find that the Windows Phone platform has a real shortage of truly usable applications that you can buy or are free from the Windows Phone Store. That was a huge factor in my decision not to buy another Windows Phone. No Apps! Doesn't matter how much the phone costs, if it is crippled in functionality due to the lack of apps, what use is it?

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                Apologies, it is the Windows Phone 521.

                That is how little I am paying attention to it I guess.