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Poor signal reception on HTC One (LTE)


I got my HTC One on Monday. LOVE the phone, and the HTC Sense interface is not too awful bad; I can live with that. 


What I've found, though, is the aluminum body is causing major reception issues. I live in an area where LTE is available (Phx).

My iPhone 5 gets full bars, indoors and out. The same with my T-Mo LTE Hotspot, as well as my Galaxy Note 2. All my phones/devices are on T-Mo's network, some 4G some LTE. 


The HTC One, however, gets only two bars (outside), one (inside).  Unacceptable when relying on receiving/making calls and texts.  Much as I love the phone (it is a beauty!), I'm likely going to be sending it back.


Anyone else having this experience?

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