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    Poor signal reception on HTC One (LTE)


      I got my HTC One on Monday. LOVE the phone, and the HTC Sense interface is not too awful bad; I can live with that. 


      What I've found, though, is the aluminum body is causing major reception issues. I live in an area where LTE is available (Phx).

      My iPhone 5 gets full bars, indoors and out. The same with my T-Mo LTE Hotspot, as well as my Galaxy Note 2. All my phones/devices are on T-Mo's network, some 4G some LTE. 


      The HTC One, however, gets only two bars (outside), one (inside).  Unacceptable when relying on receiving/making calls and texts.  Much as I love the phone (it is a beauty!), I'm likely going to be sending it back.


      Anyone else having this experience?

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          Your holding it wrong :P jk

          It might be just QC issues. It might require a few radio updates or you have a faulty radio.

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            ;-)  Funny you should bring that up, though.  My HTC One is bare nekkid, no skin or cover. I tried holding it different ways ("death grip" came to mind), even tried dangling with the tips of my fingers ... no luck.  I t hought of the 'bad radio' possibility ... seems unlikely but you never know. Until T-Mo gets more of them in-store I won't be able to check that out. Valid point.


            Such a shame; it's a gorgeous phone and feels really good in the hand. Hard to believe HTC didn't consider this in the design.  Makes one wonder if they'll conjure up a firmware/software update to fix it ... have to wait for the complaints to roll in, I would imagine.

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              There's an update for the unbranded and unlocked that just came out and it has new radios in the change log for reliability though a lot of the people that haven't gotten theirs don't know how well it works. I haven't gotten mine for work and my boss ordered it almost 2 weeks ago. Yet reading some have already gotten theirs that purchased theirs  long after my boss ordered a few.

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                Interesting. Will see how that pans out. In the meantime, I've logged a ticket with HTC. Thanks for the info.Do let me know how your's performs once you get it.

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                  Will do if it ever gets here lol

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                    the aluminum body has been reported by a few to cause issues with signal .. not unlike a few other HTC phones .. defintely a thing to watch to see if it improves. 

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                      Hi dlg_az!



                      Thank you for posting your experience. Although design may be the first guess, we've run test today that confirmed the actual signal level faired equal to (even better) than other comparable devices. Although signal bars give a general indication, the actual signal level may be higher. So, the good news is it's not the gorgeous aluminum body.   I want to get more information on the actual signal level on your devices. I am sending you a private message.





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                        I want to post the results of checking the "-dBm" levels on my three phones (not sure if I can check it on my Hotspot device or not - TMo is checking into this):


                        HTC One: -108

                        iPhone: -73

                        Note 2: -71


                        All phones tested in the same environment, in the same way. All "4G LTE" notification in status bar. Great signals on the iPhone and Note 2 (always get full bars at home inside and inside my work building); Clearly, the LTE signal is weaker on the HTC One (2 bars both @home and @work).


                        I have surfed the net; some lagginess, nothing earth-shattering. Install of software has caused a few issues with "stalls" along the way requiring me to restart the phone. I assume due to signal strength; unsure.


                        I have yet to make a call on the HTC One so I can't attest to dropped calls. 

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                          Don't bother calling today. Been on hold for 3 hours 30 minutes...

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                            Ouch is right, that's the same signal strength I get on my other devices, though mine does show the "4G LTE" notification icon. Is yours a Nexus 4?

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                              Okay, this is not good.


                              Since I've got the -dBm readings going on here I've been watching my signal dance around the last 15 minutes ... I've lost total network signal three times = 0 dBm.  

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                                Yes it's a Nexus 4.

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                                  I'm in the East Valley. I mostly just see a 4G indicator on my HTC One. Sometimes I see it switch to 4G LTE, but I've yet to see more than 1 or 2 signal bars while on LTE with this phone, and I've had it for over a week now.


                                  I don't have any other T-Mobile LTE devices to compare with the One. However, I have several other HSPA+ T-Mobile devices (Radar 4G, One S, 8X) and so far I'd say I'm getting the best data experience on the One. I have no idea why... It just works more consistently -- it seems like the antennas are better, aside from the LTE? Even the FM radio is working a lot better than the Radar's (8X doesn't have FM support right now, and I never tried it on the One S.)


                                  I did have problems today, though... For about 20-30 minutes, my data stopped working. And a text message that I received was being redelivered to my phone every 5 minutes (exactly every 5 minutes! it was weird!). I rebooted the phone and then it was working again. I wish the T-Mobile jingle could be silenced during boot. It is SO LOUD on this phone.

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