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    Help making a decision on bad reception.

      I live in a mobile home and when I switched to tmobile to get the iPhone 5 I was told that if I got bad reception that they have a signal booster which will help. Well now I have the IPhone 5 and I keep getting disconnected and bad reception in my home. I would use wifi calling but as you know the iPhone does not offer this. Anyhow I found out they won't allow me to have a booster box until I have been member for 12 months. I can not put up with this type of phone services for 12 months. 


      I'm wondering how is everyone else's reception on there iphone. If its just mine or if I might need to trade it in for a different phone that uses wifi. :-/.

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          if you are making eip payments, i would return it. no way would i want to get stuck paying for something i couldn't use fully. i wouldn't stick it out with any company though where i got bad service. tried sprint for 4 days, never again lol. i wasn't going to pay them to use my wifi to get reception. wifi calling/data usage is useful to me, IF, there is a problem with their towers for a day or so. not as my only means of reception.