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Phone doesn't ring for incoming calls

This isn't a phone issue and I know that for sure because this has been happening for the past 2 years and I've went through at least 2 phones. At first, it was only calls from my dad that my phone would never ring and he claims he called me several times too but not once have I received a single of the calls. Since it was only him that I didn't receive calls from, I thought it was my dad's phone instead but now that we've both got new phones, the problem still consists and it's only happening to my phone number out of a family plan of 5 lines. I was fine and didn't bother with it since it was just my dad calling but I have just recently missed a call from my job and I am not happy about that. My manager even left a voicemail but I never got notified about it. The only solution I have for this problem as of now is to restart my phone frequently. Please fix this network problem! I can't afford to miss calls my job again.

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    If an incoming call problem is only with one number, the issue is most likely related to the calling parties carrier. To verify that the T-Mobile line is functioning correctly:

    1. Place a test call to the device to make sure the issue is isolated to one number
    2. If the line has Family Allowance, make sure the number is not on the ‘Never Allowed' list
    3. If the issue persists, there is not a problem with this device. Refer the impacted calling-party to their carrier. If the impacted calling-party is with T-Mobile, they will need to contact T-Mobile to troubleshoot their line,  Contact us.





    1. Make sure the number being dialed is not a 1-700, 1-900, or 976 prefix (i.e. 1-XXX-976) number. T-Mobile blocks calls to these numbers.
    2. Call the phone number from another phone line.
    3. If the account has Family Allowance, verify the number, time of day, and minute allotments are not active for this number
    4. Dial the number manually using 11-digits. If the call completes and using the contacts (phone book) to call, delete the contact and re-add the contact using 11 digits. 
      • Call was successful: If the number if not a T-Mobile number, the issue is with the number dialed. Have the owner of the number contact their carrier for assistance.
      • Call was not successful
        1. Dial *67 and then the 11-digit number. If the call completes, the calling number prevents calls with blocked Caller ID.
        2. Determine if one of the following happens: 
          • Device shows dialing and then immediately goes to Call Failed, Call Ended, or the main screen
          • 1-2 rings and forwards to voicemail
          • 1-2 rings followed by immediate disconnect, and returns to the main screen
          • Call forwards immediately to voicemail (no ringing)
        3. If the result is one of the above, the network is working properly. The number called has an application or setting preventing the call from completing.
    5. If the issue persists, Contact us.
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    Hey there Just checking in, did the instructions above help?