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    Help! Getting unlocked iPhone 4 set up on T-Mobile

      I just want to make sure I do everything correctly. Basically, I was using an temporarily unlocked/jailbroken AT&T iPhone 4 w/ T-Mobile before I upgraded to the iPhone 5 last friday. I want to let the other line on my account use my old iPhone 4 now. I have since removed the jailbreak and temporary unlock and updated to the latest iOS and firmware. I put my old (unactivated) T-Mobile SIM card in there and it never searched for signal (since the phone was locked back up), which is normal I assume. I then had the iPhone permanently unlocked through an eBay service for unlocking. I then restored the iPhone 4 and put back in my old (unactivated) T-Mobile micro SIM card, and this time it went through the activation process, and also searched for signal. So I assume everything is good on the unlock end of things. (It even had me install the T-Mobile carrier update).


      The line that I want to use this iPhone 4 is currently using a phone with a regular-sized SIM card in it. My question is, in order to get that line working on the iPhone 4, what all do I have to do? I assume I just go into a T-Mobile store and ask for the line to be switched over to a new micro SIM card, and then put the new micro SIM card into the iPhone 4. Is it just that simple? Will I have to restore the iPhone again with the new SIM card in it? Will there be any other steps I will have to do from the iPhone 4 or will everything begin working instantly before I even leave the store?



      Thank you in advance!