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Porting from Virgin Mobile

I've started new service with T-Mobile Prepaid moving from Virgin Mobile. I've been trying to port my number for a week now. I'm wondering what the issue is. Is there a way I can get this dealt with? I can't spend any more time on the phone with customer service because I've used all of my minutes trying to resolve this. Not being able to port my number is a deal breaker. I'm currently paying for two providers until this is fixed. And I'm carrying two phones around because I'm not sure when/if the port will be successful.


I've also called Virgin Mobile multiple times and they tell me there are no issues on their end.


Frankly this is not the customer's responsibility to deal with. I have no power to actually do anything anyway. If this is an issue between the two carriers it needs to be resolved between them and not passed on to the customer.


Any help is very much appreciated.



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    If you go through the forums, porting from Virgin is a nightmare.  It takes an obscene amount of time

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    I finally got it ported. I had to get a T-Mobile porting specialist to conference in Virgin Mobile. Piecing together everything I was told: there was a glitch in the system because T-Mobile entered the port request using an out of date system. They had to cancel the first request and resubmit on the new system. When they did that there was a conflict because VM hadn't acknowledged the cancellation. So their system wouldn't accept duplicate requests. VM was able to cancel my account without my permission in the process though. So my number was out of service for two days and I thought I might have lost it.


    The request finally went through after a week and hours spent on the phone with customer service.


    Now the icing on the cake. I can make calls and send texts, but I can't receive either one!


    What am I doing wrong? I give up.

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    It'll take up to a week for the receiving side to start working.


    Calls will happen sooner.  Probably within a few hours.  24 should be the max.


    Texts are a week.


    It's something weird with Virgin and the way they hold on to numbers.