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    iPhone 5 - Setting up Hotspot?

      Do I have to call T-Mobile to set up my iPhone5 as a hotspot?  My plan supports the hotspot functionality.

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          I was able to do this in the Settings section.


          Go to the General section/ Cellular and there is an area on that screen for turning on the personal hotspot functionality.

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            Look in app drawer, there should be something called Mobile Hotspot.  Open it, the first time it will ask you to set a password set one.  Go to the device you want to use and look in wifi it will find your phone, click connect, it will ask for your password.  once you enter it on your phone under allowed devices you should now see what you were trying to connect, you should now be connected.  TMobile was having a world of issues with this function.  If you click Mobile Hotspots and it says your plan does not support the function you will need to call Tmobile.  That is what happened to me and they will get it to work.  Now I am telling you the steps on an android phone.  If on the IPhone there is no Mobile Hotspot button you will just need to go thru settings but I am 100% sure it will be the exact same process

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              I had trouble setting this up.  I am new to T-Mobile and bought an iPhone 5 from them with the new unlimted nationwide 4G data plan.  The plan incudes up to 500MB of included hotspot data.


              When I went to Settings-->General-->Celluar and clicked on set up hotspot, I would receive an error every time stating to contact T-Mobile. 


              I contacted them and they had to add the HotSpot Service to my plan  (it was free with the plan I have) and provides me with 500MB of hotspot data in addition to my regular unlimted data with my iPhone.


              After they added the feature, they told me to wait 2 hours and it would be working.  They were correct and after that, that menu option worked fine.  Hope that helps anyone in the same situation. 

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                aptmx that's because tmobile has to put it on the network that you can do that once they do restart your device then try going back to settings>general>cellular> and turn on hotspot. hope that works

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                  For some reason the FREE 500 MB of mobile hot spot data is not turned on by default. You can either call customer service or add the data through your online account. I added through the web site and then turned off my phone and turned it back on after 30 minutes or so. Then from General Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot I was able to turn it on.