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    T-Mobile Tethering Between Google Nexus 4 And Nexus 7


      I have been a T-Mobile customer for quite a while now, but I have never really paid much attention to tethering.  My plan is:


      Even More Plus 750 Talk + Unlimited Text

      • 750 whenever minutes

      • Unlimited weekend minutes

      • Unlimited weeknight minutes

      • Preferred Android Web


      I got a Google Asus Nexus 7 for Christmas and I just bought a Google LG Nexus 4 recently.  Anyway, now that I have been using both of them I have been wondering about tethering when I am not within wifi range for the Nexus 7.  I seem to recall reading that tethering can be an issue.  I called T-Mobile to add tethering, but they wanted to change my whole plan.


      Anyway, when or if I decide to tether, what is the best way to do it?  Should I select:


      -Bluetooth Tethering

      -Wifi Tethering

      -USB Tethering


      I suspect that tethering via USB is always going to be faster than either Bluetooth or Wifi, isn't it?  Also, if I am in an area of poor wifi, can I use a phone as a "repeater"?  For example, can I place my phone in an area and receive wi-fi and then send data via Bluetooth to my Nexus 7?  Or, is wi-fi to wi-fi tethering possible? 


      Also, with regards to battery life, I assume that either Bluetooth or wifi tethering will use more power than USB tethering.  I suppose if I connect a charger it won't matter.


      What about range with Bluetooth vs. sifi?  I seem to recall reading that wi-fi range is better than Bluetooth.  Is Bluetooth only allow a range of 20 or 30 feet and wifi perhaps 150 feet or is that way off?


      What cable(s) do I need for wired tethering?  Since both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 use micro USB, do I simply need a cable with micro USB connectors on each end or do I need something more?  Also, are these cables easy to find at MicroCenter, Best Buy, or Radio Shack?


      Also, when tethering T-Mobile cellular data, is HSPA+ considered 4G thus truly unlimited or will the truly unlimited T-Mobile 4G only be when there is LTE coverage?


      Finally, I have read LOTS of conflicting information about restoring LTE on the Nexus 4.  I have read that it both can and can't be done.  I have read that if it can be done it doesn't have the correct hardware for LTE.  Anyway, can anyone advise me of the definitive answer on Nexus 4 LTE?