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    Insurance on T-Mobile iPhone 5

      I am getting the iPhone 5 tomorrow at a local T-Mobile retailer, but am not sure which type of insurance option to go with. What do you guys plan to go with?


      Basically these are the options:


      T-Mobile PHP bundle:

      • $11.99/month
      • covers EVERYTHING for the life of the phone (loss, damage, malfunction, etc)
      • $175 deductible when getting a replacement
      • only 2 claims/year


      T-Mobile PHP insurance:

      • $7.79/month
      • covers everything EXCEPT malfunction for the life of the phone
      • $175 deductible when getting a replacement
      • only 2 claims/year


      Apple Care Plus:

      • $99 one-time payment
      • covers everything EXCEPT lost/stolen for 2-years
      • $49 deductible when getting a replacement
      • unlimited # of claims during the 2-year period


      No Insurance coverage (Apple standard warranty):

      • free of charge
      • covers non-accidental issues (volume button stops working, battery stops holding a charge, etc.)
      • one-year period



      I am usually pretty good with phones *knock on wood*, and typically buy a new phone every couple years, so I am leaning toward the Apple Care Plus option. What about you all?

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          I need to correct you on the AppleCare+. It only gives you 2 accidental damage claims during the 2 years. I dont think malfunctions count as a claim but I'm going to contact Apple to find out for sure.


          The only thing t-mobile insurance is good for is theft. If you are responsible your, phone should not be stolen. Always keep it on you in your pocket or lock it up good. It sounds like if your phone has a hardware failure like a broken home button you still have to pay the $175 deductable which is a terrible price. Also, you said how t-mobile gave you such terrible customer service and it's so hard just to get the right answers from them. So I doubt you would want to deal through them for a warranty.


          If you know you are going to keep your phone for 2 years, definately get AppleCare+. Apples customer service is superb. I'm thinking of getting it also but I have never broken my phone in the past so I could end up wasting the $100.

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            You are correct. Only 2 replacements in a 2-year period allowed with Apple Care+. As long as you are pretty good with phones, I'd say that is sufficient for most people.

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              Are you going to get the AppleCare?


              I just chatted with customer support. It does also extend hardware repairs to 2 years. So if a button breaks or your screen dies, you get another one for free and it doesn't count as a damage replacement.

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                Guys, insurance is and always been bull if your scared about your device get a good case.

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                  Only if you are not accident prone lol

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                    I went ahead and purchased the Apple Care+ today. I am usually very good with my phones and other electronics, but sometimes you just never know. I am as careful as anybody else, but I have dropped my phones before. I'd rather spend $150 for a replacement with insurance, than to spend $600+ for a brand new replacement.

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                      I heard this site is pretty good for insurance protection:


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                        Since you got the warranty are you going to just use your phone caseless?

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                          No, I will still use a case because I hate when I get little scratches or anything on my phone. Plus if I ended up dropping it on the concrete, it would almost for sure leave a nasty mark. I would still like to keep from having to get a single replacement. I am currently using a Belkin Grip Candy Sheer case, which I like a lot. The phone is still very thin with the case on (just a bit thicker than an iphone 4 without a case. Plus it makes the phone a bit easier to hold IMO. Also, there are a ton of color options with this case.

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                            That seems like a cool case. I don't think I'm going to buy the warranty. I'd rather put that $100 towards paying the phone off because I don't want to be in debt. I spent $20 on a candyshell grip case already and getting some premium screen protectors so this phone wouldn't break even if it dropped. Also I figured that I might only keep this phone for 1 year depending on how money is.

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                              I ended up buying the Applecare+ warranty after my lock button broke after only 1 week. Realised that something so small like that would not be that easy to fix if I was out of the 1 year warranty. At least I don't have to worry for 2 years.

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                                I Purchased Applecare+ also. The one time charge to purchase it, and the deductible were appealing enough, but what really pushed me over the edge was being able to go into an Apple Store and deal with the phone immediately, vs. mailing it in and waiting. I can't see me having the same phone for more than two years anyway, so as far as I'm concerned, this will last me the life of my phone. Not to mention getting that $11.99 charge per month off my bill. Just win win all around.

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                                  This is all very new to me! I'm a first time iPhone owner, an eight year T-Mobile customer, and when I purchased the iPhone a little more than a month ago, I was never offered or told anything about AppleCare+. I've never even heard about it before anyway since I don't own any Apple products. They, of course, offered the PHP Bundle, which I already had with my MyTouch. So, that's what I ended up getting. Although, after owning the phone for over a month, I'm just now being charged the $11.99 a month fee (some kind of mix up on their part). But, since it's been passed the 30 days to activate the AppleCare+, I missed out on getting it, right? I don't even know if I would need it now, or if I would prefer it over the PHP Bundle, but I am annoyed that I'm just finding out about it now. I feel jipped.

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                                    Every iphone comes with one year warranty and 90 days complentary support of applecare

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