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    Loss of Personal Hotspot on iPhone 5 after update

      So, I was at school and I remembered today was the day the update releases, so I went to my about, update popped up any everything, I updated, got the LTE Toggle (just toggle, because A1429 doesn't have the AWS LTE Band), I got 4G, I got VVM and all the things they promised to bring, but my personal hotspot option is GONE! So I dig through settings and find "Set Up Personal Hotspot", I try it says I have to contact T-Mobile, now before the update, I had the personal hotspot no problem, I could share all my data if I wanted and there wouldn't be a problem. Now when I tried to set it up it said I have to contact T-Mobile, so I am thinking theyre gonna charge me 15$, so i go on "my account" app and it says Ive used 540MB out of my 2GB Plan, and then right under it, it says 0 MB used out of 100MB Tethering. So it turns out I got 100MB tethering included, Now it isn't like before where I can share even all my data if I wanted, but its better than nothing right? So I go ahead contact T-Mobile, he says he doesn't see that 0/100MB Tethering, and I should be charged for it, so I screenshotted and sent it through a link in chat, he asks if I had the hotspot before, I said yea, he said he's gonna ask his product specialist, he asks, and he tells me that he is adding the personal hotspot feature on my account free of charge to share only 100MB, So I said ok thats awesome, its not the same but its better than not having it at all, he says its gonna be auto added and in 4 hours I should restart my phone and no problem, I restard my phone 4 hours later and still nothing so I contact them again, they said they can't do it because they have to change my rate plan!  Now this isn't the kind of customer service that the people that have been putting up with T-Mobile for 6 years deserve. I lost unlimited hotspot, then I was promised 100MB of hotspot and then they said I won't get any! We need to fix that!

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