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    APN settings for iPhone LTE

      I have n Apple factory unlocked iPhone 5 (A1428) with T-Mobile nano-SIM in it.  I received the carrier update (14.1) and the "Enable LTE" slider is on.  When I tap "Reset Settings" on the Cellular Data Network settings (to bring in the carrier auto-config, I have the following:


      Cellular APN:  fast.t-mobile.com

      MMS APN:  fast.t-mobile.com

      MMS Mas Message Size:  1048576

            (I tested MMS to another Verizon phone and everyting worked OK)


      All others are blank.  Espcially the "LTE Setup (optional)".

      I also tested Personal Hotspot to a Wi-Fi-only iPad and that works OK, too (so I'm not worries that the "tethering" section in the cellular data settings is now gone after carrier update)


      I live in San Jose which is one of the areas where LTE is enabled, but I'm only seeing "4G" in the top network indicator (next to "T-Mobile").



      1. Is there a detailed San Jose coverage map for the LTE towers/signal?
      2. Do I need to put anything in the LTE Setup APN (i.e. fast.t-mobile.com) or leave it blank?
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          1) The map for the coverage area show your location coverage with good precision, see it at http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx/


          2) I input the fast.t-mobile.com in the LTE setup APN anyways says is optional nothing different with the speed. So you can leave in blank.


          The tethering is working also as you indicated and check my account and theres not any limit only my 5GB plan with Walmart so at this moment is the same

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            Thanks for the reply.  I've already seen that coverage map before, but it doesn't show precise coverage specifically for LTE.  It only shows 3G (HSPA+ 14) and 4G (HSPA+ 21).  It doesn't show LTE. 

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              In your original post, you mentioned that you tested MMS to another Verizon iPhone. Does that mean you have a Verizon iPhone (A1429)?


              If so, even though it does support LTE, it does not support the radio frequencies that are used by T-Mobile and AT&T and thus, won't receive LTE service. My understanding is that HD Voice also is not support.

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                I have both.... I have an A1429 carrier-locked Verizon LTE iPhone 5 and a factory unlocked (from Apple retail store) iPhone 5 with a T-Mobile nano-SIM in it which gets LTE (but only a very limited area here in San Jose.  The cellular settings are just what T-Mobile pushed to the devices (i.e. when I click "Reset settings").  I've not populated anything else there (and apparently don't need to...everything seems to work just fine with the bare minimum settings as pushed).


                My only gripe now is that T-Mobile LTE just isn't built out "enough".  I was elated when I heard that San Jose was one of the initial areas, but very upset to find out that's it's primarily in the downtown area (which I don't frequent often). 


                So the issue now is how fast can T-Mobile build out this LTE network of theirs?  They certainly have a LOT of catching up to do to be a major player against Verizon or AT&T.

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                  Hi There,


                  I am using a unlocked A1429 (VERIZON) on T-Mobile.


                  Can SOMEONE please tell me if the apps like "Apple Maps" or "Google Maps" are working fine for you guys, when you are on 3G or 4G. I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my iPhone. Coz from the day1 I switched to t-mobile, these apps are not working on 3G/4g. I tested these apps with a verizon sim from my friend and they work fine on 4G/LTE.


                  When I search for directions on one of these apps, it try for some time and say "cannot reach server" but when I open safari and try to open some webpages, they load very fast (ON 3G/4G) - LOT OF OTHER APPS DO NOT WORK ON 3G/4G I do not understand this behaviour - I HAVE NO ISSUES WITH ANY APPS WHEN I AM ON WI-FI


                  I am using WAZE app as alternative for directions for now, which surprisingly works on EDGE as well.


                  Please share your experiences. ANYONE having similar issue ??

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                    hi guys,


                    Not sure if it's too late. I had a verizon iphone 5 that is used on tmobile from day one. i'm from Orange county, CA so 3G was only starting to roll out around that time in my area. even then, Waze, and G-maps works just fine for me on 3G.


                    a little update, i recently updated my verizon ip5 with tmobile carrier bundle 14(ipcc file) and got 4G (icon next to signal bars). Not sure if that's only an icon with 3g speed or it's actually 4G speed. Of course, it's not LTE. also, there were NO hotspot config readily available. I think i need to call t-mo customer service for that.


                    I do realized this post is few months late, but just wanted to share my experience.


                    Good luck, guys!!!

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                      Just making sure here, I can leave my LTE setup blank and it shouldn't interfere with my LTE strength, right? TIA