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Samsung Galaxy S2 wont connect to PC



This is driving me nuts, my samsung galaxy s2 wont connect to a computer... heres the phone specs:



android 2.3.6

baseband t989uvldh

kernel version

build gingerbread.uvldh


When I plug the phone into a computer via the stock usb cord the phone charges, but the computer does not see the device and no data can be transfered one way or the other.


I tried 3 different computers, half a dozen different usb ports and two different usb cords to no avail.

I also tried playing with the two spots where I see anything about usb connecting:

settings>applications>development>usb debugging (on/off makes no difference)


settings>wireless/network>usb utilities> there is a connect storage to PC button here, when i click it it says "USB is connected. Remove the cable" I remove the cable, it has me turn off the debugging mode. Okay, then after debugging mode is off I again try the connect to storage button and it just says the same thing, remove the cable.  It doesn't do anything.


I took the phone to a tmobile store, told them I've been having problems since January when the last update to my phone came through, the girl said I was running an older OS and I should call customer service and ask them to force the update to my phone.


I called customer service, the guy on the phone was useless and obviously reading off a script, he told me to try things I already have tried, and that the update to the OS was nothing important, and wouldn't cause the problems.


I tried installing Kies (which I never used in the past, just used drag and drop through windows for moving data around), it doesn't see my phone at all.  I uninstalled kies, and tried just installing the drivers for my phone from samsung.com.  Nothing.  Reinstalled kies.... nothing. Unmounted my SD card to see if the phone would sync up without it... no dice.


My husband has the same phone, and his works fine on both computers, but his is rooted... 


Super frustrated.

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    Hi ictchristi,

    This sounds like an 'I'm about to throw this through the window' kinda situation. Seems like you've done everything you could to fix this, but I just wanted to make sure of a couple of things.


    1. You mentioned your husband has the same phone, and it can connect to multiple computers. When I read your post, it seems like you tried your phone on only one computer, is that correct or did you try it on multiple computers with the same results?

    2. Samsung Kies should have the correct drivers installed on your computer if it is up to date. Per Samsung's website, the latest version should be . I've worked with Kies in the past, and it can be kinda tricky. I've found that if I try to update through the software it doesn't work. The only way I have been able to get it to properly update is if I completely uninstall and re-install the software. Its a long process, but was the only way it would work. Check out Samsung's site for more help http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/.

    3. If the above fails, contact Samsung. They will be able to assist with connecting to your computer with their software.

    Let us know if you need any further help!