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No signal for calls or texts

I bought my Galaxy 3 almost a month ago with almost no problems. However recently I have had no signal on my phone where I used to almost always have full bars. How is it that I have 4G just fine but I can't even make calls or send texts. I would appreciate any help. This is driving me crazy and I haven't been able to find a solution anywhere. I turned my phone off and on. I did a factory reset and nothing has worked. I have never had so many problems with a phone before.

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    Not knowing where you live and where T-Mobile is updating towers, it would be hard to say. T-Mobile is doing a lot of work to get LTE out. There may be outages in areas while this is happening. Have you called T-Mobile Customer Service to see if there are any problems with the signal on their end?

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    Hello khays,


    Changes in coverage are definitely concerning. When exactly did this start? Is it still happening? Does the device show any signal strength with the 4G? What happens if you switch to 2G only?


    gtwalling has a good suggestion too. Can you let us know your zip code so that we know if there's anything in the network that's causing this to happen?