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    AT&T unlocked my iPhone 4

      Hi everyone!


      AT&T unlocked my iPhone 4 yesterday and I followed all the steps to unlock it. I want to give the phone to my mom on the T-Mobile network, but everyone I have talked to about it has told me different things. So I have a couple questions...


      1. Will my unlocked iPhone 4 work on the network?


      2. Will the unlocked iPhone 4 have all the goodies (3G/4G signal, visual voicemail, iMessage, MMS)?


      I have been told that even though AT&T unlocked the iPhone, it is not able to go to any other carrier. That I can jailbreak it and take it to T-Mobile and only have EDGEand none of the additional features. I don't want to jailbreak the phone, I just want to make sure my mom will have similar features as I do on AT&T(I'm still on contract).


      If someone can help, that would be great!

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          It will work but the features depends on if it will be supported on tmobile. So far, I am using an official unlocked AT&T iphone 4 and it works great. I can use all the basic features. I only get 3g data because that is a limitation of the iphone 4. I use iMessage. Not sure if Visual Voicemail will work after the software update that is rumored for April 5th. My area is being upgraded to 1900Mhz band for data so I get 3g but some areas are still coming in with Edge (2g). Check http://www.airportal.de to see what your area's 1900mhz data looks like.

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            Thanks, wyn50, for all the information! Did you need to have an active T-Mobile sim card to unlock your phone?

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              Hi creation13,


              The unlocking process usually does require the T-Mobile SIM card to be in the device, but any SIM Card that's not from the carrier you purchased the device for or from should also prompt you for the code.

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                Yes, you need a SIM (from any carrier even if there isn't an active account associated with the SIM) needs to be in the iPhone. iPhones do the unlock automatically and don't require any codes to be entered unlike the Androids.


                However, after the phone is unlocked by AT&T or after you have done a factory reset to the stock Apple iPhone software, you need to connect the iPhone to your PC running iTunes to unlock the baseband. You only do this 1 time. Just run a sync in iTunes or check for software update.

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                  Pay particular attention to whether or not your service area has been refarmed to the 1900 MHz frequency for 3G/4G service.  I live smack dab in the midst of the dark "very strong" 4G service area on the T-Mobile map.  Unfortunately, this service is over T-Mobile's 1700 MHz Band IV frequency that isn't supported in most AT&T phones - including the iPhone 4.  Although I was told by numerous staff members that it would work great, I find myself now suffering through agonizingly slow EDGE data connectivity until my service area is refarmed to the 1900 MHz frequency utilized by most AT&T phones.  You can take a look at www.tmobile-lies.com for additional info and for a list of other carrier phones that will actually work on the T-Mobile Band IV frequency.