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    Connecting to LG PC Suite

      I have been unable to connect my phone either wireless or via USB. If anyone would give me a step by step how-to I would appreciate it.  Thanks in advance. 

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          Hello lkn4latins,


          You can add and remove files from your device following these instructions: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5019#Memory_card__transfer


          And here's a link to LG's site for their PC suite software. http://www.lg.com/us/support/mobile-support They should have the information you're looking for.

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            Than you for your helpful reply. At first I thought maube I did not ask the right question or that I had asked a different question, the I read my question again; yes the question was clear and concise. The support.link you provided to LG does not address LG PC Suite at all. As far as moving files, I do mot remeber asking tjwt question.


            So here is my question again. I have been unable to connect my P-769 to PC Suite on my PC. I have tried both usb tether and via wireless networks. If someone who knows how to do this, could you please provide a detailed walk through I would be deeply appreciative.


            If my question is unclear or ambiguous, please advise on how to properly word my question.

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              I don't know if I can help as I am very new to smart phones and just got this phone a few weeks ago.  I am running windows 7 on my computers and when I plug the USB cable into the phone then the computer the first time a window popped up on the computer and said I needed to download PC suite so I clicked download and it guided me through the install so I assume you have done that part already but it's not connecting now that the software is installed?


              For me after the software was installed the next time I plugged phone into computer a screen came up on the phone with choices to pick like charge only, media sync, lg software and camera.  I pick LG sofware and then I am able to go to my computer and see the phone listed there to browse, do you not get that screen on the phone?


              One thing to try is a different USB cable, I have had them go faulty before.  You might also try removing PC suite and starting from scratch.    Mary

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                Hi lkn4latins,


                We do not have information on LG's PC Sync or Suite software. Hopefully other users that have used this software can chime in and help you out. If no, you can contact LG for further assistance.

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                  I am having the same problem, my PC recognizes the phone immediately and I can explore the SD card etc. However the LG PC suite indicates it cannot find the device. In reading other forums this appears to be an ongoing issue with LG PC suite that goes back a couple years. I have tried all of the gynastics outlined in other forums to no avail.


                  It does not appear to me that anything has been done to help resolve this. One would expect that LG would care enough to work towards a resolution. I would also think maybe T-Mobile could apply a little pressure as it is a bit of a black eye for them as well.


                  Some of the other forums just recommend bailing on the LG PC suite and using other freeware which I will not name here because I have not yet tried it. However if I can't get LG PC Suite working in short order, I will be looking for a better solution.





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                    You know what I just discovered though? It appears that if I go into 'Settings/USB connection Type' , then select 'Charge Only' rather than 'LG Software' or 'Media Sync', then connect the cell and launch the LG PC Suite, it did in fact find the phone and I was able to run the music aggregator and download music. Curious if that will work for you. Doesn't make sense to me.....


                    Let me know!



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                      That is weird, I don't have to do that and the software runs flawless for me on both my windows 7 computers.  Mary

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                        What was LG's response when you contacted them?  Do you have all your windows updates and what version of windows are you using?  Mary