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    I Solved The Sidekick 4G Problem.

      I have returned my Sidekick 4 times now. The last time they sent me a crappy Sidekick to replace the one I returned was about 2 months ago. I decided I would track  each time it froze. I wrote down what it did (just freeze or vibrate and freeze) how I fixed it, (taking the battery out to restart) the date and time it occurred and the web site I was on when it happened. I thought I might find a pattern of the phone freezing. Nothing consistent. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. So, I called and spoke with the person in customer support who have course passed me to the "technical support staff." She said what's going on? Let's see how we can fix this so it doesn't happen again. I said "I'm going to tell you what we are going to do to fix this. You all have been given 3 times to fix this problem. And, since you all keep sending me a phone that does not work, you are now going to approve me for an early upgrade. I'm not trying to fix this phone. I don't want another one of these crappy phones. What I want and what I will be getting today is an upgrade and a discount. You're going to give me what I want since you all have never provided me with a working device and I have given you all every chance to fix this problem but you continue to fail. So, we're going to solve the problem today by giving me what I want, what I have have paid for and what I should have been sold: a consistently and constantly, useable, operational and working device." Ok Ms. H$%^&*()*(  you have just been approved for an early upgrade and you will see you discount when you look for a new device on-line. "If I go into a store will they know about the upgrade and discount?" Yes ma'am they will pull up your account and see the eligibility and discount. I got her name and ID number in case it does not work at the store. And,  that is how I solved my Samsung Sidekick 4G problem.