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no service

Hello i have the mytouch 4g slide and for the past day i have had no service. we have a family plan, and all the other phones are working so i am thinking its the phone. i have tried restarting the phone and pulling out the sims card it there anything else i can do beacause tmoble support is no help.

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    Another thing under network in the phone it says
    Operator Name


    Signal Strength


    Mobile Network Type


    Service State
    Out Of Service


    Not Roaming

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    Hi markvaughnjr,


    I apologize that you've not gotten the support you need. We have some steps we can take to determine if the coverage situation is caused by your device, SIM card or the network.


    Can you provide your Zip Code so that we can check to see if there are any outages affecting your area?


    Since you have other devices on the same account, can you test your SIM in one of the other devices? You may be experiencing SIM Card Exhaustion and we can replace the SIM card to get you up and running again.


    I will also recommend using this document to help narrow down possible causes of the issue.


    Let us know how the SIM card swap goes and what Zip Code you experience the loss of coverage. We'll work this out.

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    my zip code is 92372 and the phone is still not working, i was using my old phone but i would still like to use my newer one this problem also happens everywhere and its not sim car exhaustion

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    also i just noticed it says "No service   Selected Network (T-Mobile) unavailable"

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    Mark did u listen ti Jessica and try a new sim card

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    1. i said it wasn't sim car exhaustion already so that means i did check the sims card.

    2. i said i was using my old phone, that means the sims card still worked.

    i am sorry if i am being a little mean but after dealing with t-moble support for a few months and them asking stupid questions it gets a little old. I get transferred to different people that all ask the same questions, come on now i am not retarded 

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    Sorry if you need the phone replaced


    It would have to under warranty orunder imsurance coverage

    Warranty coverage is only one year

    If it is callinto tmobile