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      There is no real reason that T-Mobile beta testing of a major software update should take this long, poor leadership and goal setting is to blame. T-Mobile please get someone else to get the job done. Customers demand better results and performance. Think J.D. Power! No excuses, just results!


          But if they were testing it and had to have sent it back for HTC to fix something not working properly this may not be on T-Mobile's side you do realize that right?

          They would need to wait for HTC to fix it (which can take a while depending on what it is) and send it back to T-Mobile to test all over again.

          This is a cycle until they get something they approve of.


            Check online, almost every carrier has released jellybean for HTC One s. only major difference between t-mobile and other carriers jellybean udpate is t-mobile's wifi calling feature. and if they cant get that to work, thats t-mobiles problem to work on , not HTC's. so the delay is basically t-mobiles fault.

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              Actually no its not.  That would make sense if they are developing the phone software but they are not.

              Really it is HTC's responsibility to get it working on the device since it works on T-Mobile's network side already.

              There is a network standard that the service works on and a app and structure that already works for it the network side is complete.

              HTC has to build it into their frame work and drivers of the device. And if HTC can't get that working they will take more time.

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                Like most of your posts you have no facts. I want answers not your advice.

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                  Neither does other peoples arguments. No one has shown proof to speak otherwise. Sony and Google project has shown it isn't always the carriers like everyone claims like the majority in this thread. I have yet to see someone show without a doubt T-Mobile is withholding an update for the One S.

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                    tidbits, I think it was only one or two people making the ridiculous claim that T Mobile, after having invested the money to develop the software, would risk chasing customers away by refusing to release it just to potentially sell a few contracts (Which is a suspect notion in itself). You and I were on the same side on that issue, that it's a stupid theory. But I think it's also wrong, absent any evidence to the contrary, to absolve T Mobile from any responsibility here. That is not to say it IS T Mobile's fault, either. My take on this is that we don't know which entity is responsible or if it's some sense of shared blame. Personally, I think right now it's a lack of communication between T Mobile and HTC. They aren't working well together to get the bugs worked out but that is pure conjecture as well. I also firmly disagree with the statement I saw somewhere in these threads that the One S is outdated. It's still an awesome phone, even with ICS. Still has a fast dual core, still takes great pics, still has a nice display screen. Usually, when I get a new cell phone, I get it with the full knowledge that within 6 months it will probably not be the fastest, latest, greatest thing available. What I consider is does the phone do what I want and does it do it well. The One S meets that criteria for me.

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                      Explain what T-Mobile can do when they did not develop nor make the phone. In a court of law they would find the manufacturer the full blame. It is their sole responsibility to develop the update regardless of approval process. Costumers blaming the carrier is probably one of the reasons carriers have their approval process on top of governing/licensing approval. If they didn't test it I am willing to bet if something happened they'd blame T-Mobile. They did it with the Cliq(I owned one from release day and still have it). The parts manufacturer took forever to give Motorola the driver needed then when Motorola finally got it 2 weeks later they said they sent it for approval. About a month later it was pushed out without warning. Average time for FCC approval is 30-60 days(As per Sony/Google AOSP project). Stuff hit the fan for a lot of people(the update was riddled with bugs, and it bricked a more than a handful of devices). All those people expected T-Mobile to replace their devices.

                      I know for a fact that carriers won't say anything about updates unless the manufacturer tells them it's ok or what the manufacturer projects when they will be finished. Anything in between they can't say due to a NDA it's not their place to say because it's not their product.

                      Now the problem with removing a feature on a device. If people rely on it then what? You might not but they do. Does anyone remember Sony removing the ability to run your own OS on the PS3? Not many people knew or care. Sony had to refund money back to those who bought it for that reason in a lawsuit.

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                        I imagine there are software specs they HTC needs for some of the stuff T Mobile wants on the phone. Could be there are some incompatibilties and HTC needs input. or the other way around, T Mobile needs info from HTC so they can have their guys make sure everything works. I don't know, tidbits. It may be neither HTC's or T Mobile's fault and it's just taking time for whatever regulatory agencies have to approve this stuff to do so. No one knows. Do you have stock in T Mobile or something? I've asked you directly before and I'll do it again. Do you have any eveidence whatsoever that the delay either definately isn't T Mobile's fault or something that indicates conclusively that the blame lies elsewhere? If not, you have to acknowledge that the fault could be anywhere in the loop. You seem like a nice mostly knowlegable guy and I enjoy your posts (especially when you and I are agreeing ) but you got nothing that clears T Mobile from being the potential stumbling block here anymore than I have evidence that they are. I don't care, really, what the delay is. I'll just be happy when the update gets here. In the meantime, I have a great phone that I like a lot. So I'm a winner.

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                          My point was from the beginning of a lot of these threads. It's easier to blame the carrier because they are the easiest to get a hold of. Not one person from the start of the thread showed an once of evidence that it is T-Mobile. Some one claims they beta tested, but has yet to provide any information outside of beta testing(which has no bearing on any process of manufacturer testing). FCC has their own testing process, and so does T-Mobile. People claim because other S devices is the only evidence needed BUT they don't realize different government bodies, and different liabilities especially from the stand point of consumers. I have yet to see a carrier in Europe get blamed for devices that they don't produce. It's always manufacturer this or that. Here it's "XYZ carrier give me my update." "XYZ carrier this doesn't work you need to fix it." As often I travel it always amazes me how different we are from the rest of the world.

                          No I have 0 vested interest in T-Mobile USA or any carrier for the matter(other than Sprint with wishes they crash and burn). I would say the same thing no matter what device or what carrier. Ultimately it's up to the manufacturer to get the device the update regardless of process. They should support their product and not charge money for them(this doesn't happen in Europe). This gives them a cop out on supporting their product.

                          FYI I did work for Samsung(lived in Korea, and I am 1/2 Korean) before Android devices came to be. I been through this process and majority of the time it's the developers they hire and their hierarchy that causes most of the delay. Samsung's been making a lot of money lately and has the larger share of Android devices sold. The changed their selling of updates to giving consumers updates, but charging carriers for addons(like premium suite on the S3). It doesn't work in Europe and they just added it because regulatory laws are a lot different.

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                            FYI - manufacturers have all they need from carriers from the beginning. They know the specs and proprietary files. The "bloatware" takes days to test to make sure they work. Skins and anything framework related takes more time. Carriers don't dictate these changes manufacturers do. Like I also said not all drivers work for specific logic boards. They can make a one size fits all but if you compare the size of say Samsung vs HTC firmwares. Samsung is 1/2 the size of HTC. Motorola firmware has always been the smallest from what I remember. HTC likes to add more "legacy" to their software but as a developer I can tell you having legacy requires more testing(they generally in the past don't update Sense) which with their usual setup requires their things to have legacy within their stuff. Most companies would rather wait for a driver from parts manufacturers.

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                              Oh IMS is NATIVE to android as of 4.0.4 which means it's an easy transition to add T-Mobile WiFi calling. The only way I can see an issue with WiFi calling would be at the driver/kernel level which would need WiFi alliance certification if HTC changes the driver(which would require parts manufacturer to make and deliver), or kernel with regards to WiFi. In turn it would invoke FCC testing to ensure WiFi doesn't interfere with government, state, and such equipment.

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                                So seeing no "smoking gun" pointing to anyone, we're in agreement it would seem. Could be HTC, could be T Mobile, could be the agency responsible for okaying the update. Can we move on to something different?

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                                  That's all I have been saying. I wanted someone to post the evidence that it is T-Mobile. No one had yet, but due to past history I am leaning more towards HTC based on how quickly the drop support on their international devices as well as their US devices.

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                                    Another empty week of wishful thinking and still no JB for Tmobile USA.  Whose to blame? Why?  Who cares!. We can only wait at their mercy.  Next phone for me is an unlocked Nexus.

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