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    Android (Galaxy S2 SGH-T989) Group Text Capability

      I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy S2 (sgh-t989) with Android 4.0.4 with unlimited text and web. And I just wanted to know is my phone capable of group mms texting at all?



      I have read that AT&T and Verizon is capable of doing so without having to resort to third party apps and thats great for them but I can not do it in any way shape or form.


      I asked one of the people from t-mobile store and they told me I need to make a group and then I am able "send a group text" Well it turns out that all I did was just combine some of the people on my contacts in a group, which is great for mass texting, but it does not allow me to send a true a group message where everyone is threaded in the same conversation. Think chatroom text messaging.


      Yes I've tried chompmsms, go sms, hardcent and text+ but they ALL reply as a seperate thread.


      Pretty much all I want to know is can I have a group text ( NOT MASS MESSAGING)

                     If I can then what do I have to do?

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          Here is the only solution for the group messaging (Not mass messaging for those who without any friends) and here is the simpliest answer and walk through for this problem. I got this from reddit cause its useful.



          I heard that threaded group messaging using MMS was included on Jelly Bean, so I updated from ICS to deal with all of those pesky iPhone group texts. Unfortunately, I still didn't have it! I ended up getting in a conversation with fratdaddy, who was also having problems. We had different phones on different carriers, but eventually he found something.

          Here are the four requirements for threaded group messaging:

          1. Jelly Bean. I'm on 4.2.1, but it should work on 4.2; I'm not sure about 4.1.
          2. The feature must be enabled in mms_config.xml. This was the default on both of our phones (mine is an HTC Inspire running an unofficial CM10.1 ROM, his is a Nexus 4).
          3. The feature must be enabled in the MMS settings page. This is pretty easy: just go to the messaging app, hit the 3 dots, go to settings, and check "Group Messaging".
          4. Your SIM card has to know your number. To check this (at least on CM10.1), go to About phone > Status, and see what it says under "My phone number". If it says "Unknown", go to the Play Store and search for an app called "My Phone Number" (the one I found was translated from Chinese, but it worked). Once I set my number, it worked fine.

          All the credit should go to fratdaddy, but please upvote this for visibility (it's a self-post and I don't care about the karma anyway). I know I've been trying to get this functionality for a while and I haven't seen any info on this anywhere.

          tl;dr: If you want to enable group messaging on Android 4.2 but the setting isn't showing up in the messaging app, make sure your SIM card knows your number.


          Pretty much 4.2 and follow that step. As for me I will have to wait for 4.2, get Cyanomod or download gosms.


          Went to 4 tmobile store this weekend, all they did was ask me when was my plan up and I should renew my contract to "get a better phone" when all I wanted to know is can I send and recieve group messages. (Not mass messaging)