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    WI-Fi calling

      Hey all,


      I was wondering if when the iPhone 5 is officially released/Available on T-Mo will WiFi calling be supported? For me, this is the deciding factor between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy s III. and if so, will it only be available on ones unlocked and sold by T-Mo or will any unlocked iPhone 5 work? I’ll just go get one now from apple if so.



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          With T-Mobiles new un-carrier strategy that they are going to I don't think their stores will directly sell them in their stores or have it branded to T-Mobile.

          They will be more a BYOP carrier (Bring Your Own Phone) and uyou can buy full price what they have or from anywhere else.

          That being said I don't think they will have wifi calling at all on the iPhone.

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            It will more than likely be up to the manufacturers. T-Mobile open sourced WiFi calling since 1997.

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              I can't find anything open sourced.

              And for IMS wifi calling based on SIM security I am sure there is proprietary and closed source code.

              But if you can point the the code that would be great.

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                Let me see if I can find it. Been a long time. I know Google had the source since 2007 and never implemented it.

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                  I tend to believe that T-mobile will have a software update file which while allowing LTE will also allow Wi-Fi calling. I remember vividly the statement when T-mobile announced the partnership with Apple. The CEO then said there will be some unique features that will make a compelling reason for people to buy unsubsidized iPhones to use on the T-mobile network.

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                    theartiszan wrote:



                    I can't find anything open sourced.

                    And for IMS wifi calling based on SIM security I am sure there is proprietary and closed source code.

                    But if you can point the the code that would be great.

                    Chances are the iPhone will implement IMS to work with the iPhone.  It's completely software driven so it doesn't require special radios.  I believe IMS has been implemented on all devices 4.1 and above.

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                      Thanks guys. I suppose we won't know until it's known...... Let's see if the T-mo mod responds with some insight.....

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                        Don't expect it.

                        Typically the rumor sites have that knowledge way before any of their reps would.

                        Always makes me laugh.

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                          Hi fyurmama,


                          This is a good question. I wish we could give you a good answer… we're not sure at this time what we'll be carrying for Apple products and what software it'll support.  We can definitely add Wi-Fi calling to the wish list though. It's a great feature.

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                            Jessica thanks for your post. 

                            Please convey to the powers that be, that Wi-Fi calling using iPhone on T-mobile will be the Unique Selling point (USP) for T-mobile. T-mobile has the weakest PCS coverage in the US (I Know your CEO likes to think Sprint is worse, I accept that for AWS not PCS).So a Wi-Fi calling feature will be the factor that popularizes iPhones on T-mobile. There is Bobsled App for Wi-Fi calling, but to receive calls in Wi-Fi area only Wi-Fi calling from T-mobile can make the difference.

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                              Since the iPhone has bee noffically announced... how about Wi-Fi calling now?



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                                We’re sorry, but this Wi-fi feature is not supported on iPhone 5.

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                                  And how do you know that?


                                  In any case, Apple will not allow T-mobile to announce that. Here is a reference to this topic:

                                  ".....The carrier also announced that its version of the iPhone 5 will not initially support T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling technology. Speaking with Engadget, Sievert said that Wi-Fi Calling "is not coming" at launch. Pressed on the issue, Sievert said that T-Mobile "loves its Wi-Fi Calling feature, and I'll have to leave it at that."

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                                    if u look at the post on tmobile's site, IT IS  TMOBILE IPHONE 5!