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Samsung s3 security issue - bypass lock screen

Coworker bypassed my security on my phone and had full access to everything by following a series of of steps found in below article.  Paid full price for this phone and if this phone was stolen it could easily be hacked.  Anyone here know of any updates to fix this or have experienced this issue? 


Chatting with Tmobile rep but totally useless.  Even told the rep how to search the issue on google. (very frustrating)


Details on this issue can be found here http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-57573084-251/security-bug-found-for-samsung-galaxy-s3/

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    I read that earlier my self. I tried it and must be to slow to do it on my phone. I am sure they are working on a fix, but in the mean time there are things you can do to protect your phone if you loose it. Plenty of security apps at Google Play to lock and wipe the phone if stolen or lost. You may also try using a different locking app from Google Play. I really don't keep anything of importance on my phone. I don't even use the security lock my self.


    Bottom line it has just been discovered, lets give Samsung time to get the fix out.

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    this is not an issue to big..you phone was installed with an app that if stolen you can wipe all private info from the handset..

    you can find the info here..


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    Tried it for a while on mine and I can't seem to replicate it.

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    Until Samsung puts out a concrete fix, here's an easy fix for you.  Remove all apps from your homescreen and put nothing but Google Now search bar at the top of your homescreen. 

    My main concern would be where exactly would you be leaving your phone in the first place that co-workers and undesirables would have access to it?  Might want to invest in a way to keep your phone with you at all times.  Like so.

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    If you really have to have sensitive data on the phone, maybe you should use encryption?

    There is a procedure to start the dead phone in firmware upload mode, by pressing combination of keys (which I don't remember ATM and too lazy to look for), I wonder if that wouldn't be another way to bypass your screen lock, albeit more difficult and much more involved?

    In theory: you put your phone in upload mode, upload the firmware and at that moment you should have full access to it with all data intact?

    In other words I would not trust screen lock too much no matter what and keep my phone away from people I wouldn't trust. Personally I don't keep anything on the phone that could be missused by others. For example I keep all my paswords to all different internet accounts from Amazon to this site, probably about 20 total on my phone, but good luck to figure it out if you see it. They're coded, so that only I can figure it out, at least I hope so. To be honest, I always thought of screen lock more as a gimmick  than real security feature for some reason, so never really used it, but for example face recognition seems like cool feature never the less.