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    Can't make or receive calls



      As of Sunday (Aug 7), I am unable to make calls or receive calls from my G2. I am in Houston right now and running the 2.2 OS (no Gingerbread update yet). When I make a call (voicemail or any other contacts including random #s) the phone just shuts off. I then have to remove the battery & put it back in place in order to turn the phone back on. The same thing happens when I receive calls (phone shuts off). I did a factory reset last night and that seemed to help at first but problem happened again. The only app updates I've had was Google Maps & Flash since I factory reset it.


      I am on a family plan and both of my parents have a G2x and had similar problems yesterday (Aug 8). When my father would make an outgoing call, his phone's screen would turn off & on but the phone would remain operational. My mother also mentioned her phone turned off completely once when she made a call and had to remove the battery and put it back into place. She is the only one that's received the Gingerbread update but hasn't updated yet.. she will soon and I will find out if that fixes this issue.


      Anyone else having this problem or any tips?