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Retrieving expired voicemail?

Has anyone had any success retrieving an expired voicemail message? I’m hoping to recover several voicemail messages from a dear aunt who passed away suddenly. I’ve been saving these messages since the beginning of January, but then I had to go to Europe where there is no coverage, so I gave my phone to my sister to resave the messages for the duration of my stay there. Unfortunately, a week before my return to the States she let the messages expire. So I called customer service, and they told me that on my plan the messages are kept a full month rather than just two weeks, which is the interval of time messages are available to me on my phone if I don’t resave them. If this is true the messages should still be available on the system, and I’m hoping very much that someone will be able to help me recover them or to tell me who to get in touch with to be able to do so. This is an issue that is of extreme importance to me and I would appreciate any help I can get very much. If it helps at all, the messages were last saved around February 17th, and the original time stamp on them was at the end of December. Thanks for your input!

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    Hi user.7895463,

         We know how important it is to keep those special messages. Once those messages are deleted or expire, we have no way of retrieving them. Messages are saved anywhere from 14-30 days depending on which voicemail feature you have. Please see The specified item was not found. for more info.

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    What she means to say is that once they are gone they are gone unfortunately.

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    Thanks for your input, tmo_alicia_b and theartiszan.  


    I’ve now been in touch again both with a Customer Care representative and his supervisor (at 1-877-296-1018), and the information given to me today conflicts with that given previously. I was now told that when messages expire they are automatically deleted from the server. In other words, instead of being kept for 30 days as I was previously told messages are actually only available on the server for the same period of time as their direct accessibility through voicemail. It seems unfortunate that Customer Care representatives are so poorly trained that the information they provide is not consistent (even on such basic issues), which also means that it can’t be consistently correct. Of course, the new information unfortunately corresponds to what you are telling me.


    On further inquiry I was also told by today’s Customer Care team that data being deleted from the server means it can’t be recovered. Again, this is what you are saying; however, this is certainly not true of servers in general. A quick search on Google yields many results showing that frequently it is almost trivial to recover data that has been deleted from a server. I am appending two examples of such a data recovery procedure below which show that all it may take are a few simple steps and a few minutes of one’s time (as well as a willingness to proceed). Why should T-Mobile’s servers be any different?


    Do either of you have a technical background such as systems administrator enabling you to make a qualified statement on data recovery at T-Mobile? Or could you perhaps kindly put me in touch with someone at T-Mobile who does have the necessary technical expertise? As an engineering graduate from a top rated university I do have some trouble accepting that data recovery is not possible, period. Please understand that the last thing on my mind is to make life difficult for you, but I’ve already been getting conflicting statements from T-Mobile’s Customer Care team and since this issue is of such importance to me I would like to be absolutely certain that there is no way forward before giving up. Of course, I am more than willing to pay T-Mobile and/or any of their representatives for any assistance they may provide.


    I greatly appreciate your time and effort!




    How to Recover Deleted Files From a Server

    By Tielle Webb, eHow Contributor


    You purchased a server and had it installed at your workplace or home office. You decided that it was a good way to share and protect important documents, spreadsheets and other files. Then it happened. Someone (let's not point any fingers!) accidentally deleted a very important file, and you had no backup copy. You checked the Recycle Bin, but it is not there. Do not panic. There may still be a way to get the file back. 




    1. Go to the location on your network where the file was originally saved. If you are not sure, you will have to perform steps two and three on several server folders until you find the location.
    2. Right-click that folder and choose "Properties." The "Properties" dialog box will open.
    3. Go to the "Previous Versions" tab. Double click the most recent version of the folder that you know contained the missing file. You will see a list of files that were in the folder at that time, so you can make sure the file was there. If the "Previous Versions" tab is not present, your server does not have "Shadow Copies" enabled, and you will need to contact your IT administrator.
    4. Right-click the missing file in the previous version of the folder and choose "Copy."
    5. Navigate to the current version of the folder and paste the file there. Double click to make sure it opens properly before closing out of the "Properties" dialog box. 




    How to Retrieve Files Deleted on a Server

    By TS Jordan, eHow Contributor 


    Files that have been stored on a server and deleted are not necessarily gone forever. These files can be recovered through the use of "undelete" software, which is a general term for programs that recover data after removing it from the operating system. Retrieving these files requires that you first install these programs to the server then allow them to work their magic.



    1. Navigate to a page linked in the Resources section of this article. Download the "undelete" software of your choice.
    2. Save the file to your desktop.
    3. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the program to the server.
    4. Open the program and click on the letter of the server drive that contained the deleted file(s).
    5. Click on the file from the onscreen list and press the "Undelete" button to recover the file.



    •     Piriform: Recuva

    •     NTFS Undelete

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    Not that data recovery is not possible, just that they don't offer that service.

    And data retrieval is normally successful when not overwritten which by now assuredly it is.

    From my experience the message is deleted after 14 days from the last time you save it.

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    A quick search on Google yields many results showing that frequently it is almost trivial to recover data that has been deleted from a server. I am appending two examples of such a data recovery procedure below which show that all it may take are a few simple steps and a few minutes of one’s time (as well as a willingness to proceed). Why should T-Mobile’s servers be any different?

    Are you serious?! Surely you can't compare recovering an accidently deleted file in a home or on you work server to trying to recover YOUR voicemails from T-Mobile's system?! In order to do so someone has to take the time to analyze where (as in what file) YOUR voicemails would be embedded (which is far more complicated than go looking for that accidently deletet "importan.doc" that you know you deleted last Thursday or whatever), restore that file somewhere, extract YOUR voicemails from it and somehow get them to you. That's really asking a lot!

    I'm not saying it can't be done, but it's not as simple as you suggest!