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smtp server

Hi everyone,


I'm having a problem with sending emails. Basically, I use my local cable company pop-server.cfl.rr.com but i've been using myemail.t-mobile.com as the smtp server. It's been working fine but it stopped working recently. I can't find any info why...


Any ideas?




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    you should use your mail provider's smtp server, not tmo. 

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    i had the same problem. roadrunner, right? i was using smtp-server.kc.rr.com i could send email when connected to t-mobiles network, as soon as i connected to wifi i could no longer send email. i could receive email just fine on either connection.


    finally after going back and forth with road runner and t-mobile i finally got someone at t-mobile that had a solution

    use mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com and server port 25. then you can send email over wifi or t-mobile connection


    i had a thread on this on the old support forum but its gone now.