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NEED Help Immediately - Galaxy S2 won't start

Hi, I'm Karen - I'm out of country right now and my Samsung S2 has decided to not finish the start up process.

I won't be back on the continent for many more weeks, so I need your help now.


I have taken out the battery several times, re-insert and hold the power button.

The android guy doesn't show up anymore and do the lift off.


If I plug in the USB cable to my laptop, it just vibrates every 5 seconds and my laptop will recognize the connection and then the phone would disengage.


I am at a complete lost!! I read somewhere to hold the power, volume up and home key but I don't think that was meant for the T-mobile model.


I cannot use Kies to connect to the phone as the USB connection cannot be established.

If my phone won't come back to life, I DO need to retrieve the contact infos and some photos from it.


What can I do?????

All suggestions welcome and much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!