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Samsung Exhibit goes in Boot Loop

As soon as i attach my battery Samsung exhibit 4G logo shows up and then black screen then again Logo screen and this continues in loop.

I did a factory reset using my friend's exhibit battery and my phone was working fine but when i reattached my battery it again went in loop. I am not sure if this is a battery issue as my battery showed no problem in my friend's phone. I have tried hard reset ( Power button + volume up ) also but that did not help. I am not able to update my android OS as well because due to boot device is not recognized in my system.


Please help ! Kind of Frustrated !




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    Hi chirag8,


    That is definitely strange, and I understand completely how you feel. It sounds like it is a battery issue, based on the troubleshooting you've done. We can help with replacing the battery within the first 90 days; if you've had the device for more than 90 days, Samsung can help you get your battery replaced. Do you know how long you've had the device?

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    Hi tmo_jessicab.


    Thanks for your reply

    I have checked my battery with other phone and my phone with other battery. My phone now shows a problem with other a battery as well. My device is more than a year old now.

    I installed samsung kies and try to upgrade my firmware. This has 2 problems

    1. My phone does not start and my system can not recognize my phone.

    2. Latest samsung kies earlier showed ( when my phone was still on somehow for some time) that it does not support my phone's and its too old.


    Is there any other way that i can format my phone.


    Awaiting your reply !




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    Hi chirag8,


    I wonder if a master reset will help. This will convert it back to the factory settings, essentially formatting the device.


    Since the device won't power on or stay powered on, we'll want to use the hardware buttons to reset the device. You'll find the steps to do that here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3513#Perform_master_reset_using_hardware_keys


    Can you try this and see if that helps?


    If this doesn't fix it, the device may need to be replaced. Do you have Premium Handset Protection on the line of service using the device?

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    Hi tmo_jessicab,


    I already tried that and again tried now. The problem is that samsung screen start splashing as soon as i attach the battery ( without pressing any power button or volume button). This does not let me do the hardware reset.

    Have no clue what to do next.


    I do not have Premium Handset Protection.



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    Hi chirag8,

         If you are no longer covered under warranty with us, you do have the option to contact Samsung to see what their repair options are.


    Samsung 1-888-987-4357


    Hours of Operation:

    Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. CT

    Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT

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    Hi Chirag,


    I own four Samsung Exhibit 4G phones which I bought for my entire family. 

    My son encountered this exact same problem with his phone.

    Like you mentioned, it is impossible to do hard reset because you cannot navigate thru the menus before it reloops.


    So, this is how I resolved it.  Believe it or not, being a mechanical engineer, I often resort to mechanical means.  When all else fails, give it a good whack.  I know this sounds bad but your phone is useless now so what have you got to lose? 


    This is what I did, with phone looping, place phone about 12 inch above wooden coffee table,  I am assuming that you have rubber cover on the phone.  Then drop the phone onto the table with display side down (like belly flop) parallel to table.


    Magically, this knocks it off the endless loop long enough for you to access the menus to do hard reset.

    Do not do the soft reset as this did not work.  Do the hard reset to factory default.


    I still have momentary relapses of this infinite boot loop but this technique successfully fixed the issue three times now.


    I suspect the problem is combination firmware and mechanial related.  As I mentioned earlier, I have 4 phones.  My son (a teenager) happens to be the one who uses the phone the most and handles it the roughest.  I have seen him carelessly toss the phone onto the coffee table after hanging up.  I suspect this problem is impact related. 


    My other 3 phones do not have this problem, just the occassional freeze up.


    Anyways, I hope this helps and good luck. 

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    Hi Chirag,


    I'm glad I could help.

    Make sure you do the master reset as Jessicab mentioned in Response #3 (using power and volume button).


    The number of relapses diminished when I did this.

    It will prompt you if you are sure you want to do this because you may lose data; just choose yes.

    Who cares about losing data at this point anyways.


    Make sure you treat your device gingerly from now on.

    Hopefully this will last long enough for duration of your existing contract.




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    I am having the same problem with my Samsung Exhibit 4G. As soon as I attach my battery Samsung Exhibit 4G logo shows up, and then the screen goes black and it continues the same loop. I've had this problem before and hitting it like chungm77 mentioned worked in the past, but it isn't anymore. Any other suggestions?

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    Hello ,same problem with my Exhibit 4G i did try what chungm77 say but no changes , i just wanna know boot loop issue is software problem or hardware ??

    Thank You


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    This is almost certainly caused by a bad/stuck power (on off) switch. It's a VERY common problem on the Galaxy S II phones, and I think this one uses the same power switch.


    If you don't have insurance coverage and are out of warranty, you can replace the switch yourself. Quite a few ebay sellers offer replacement power buttons for the Galaxy S2, but I see only one seller for the Galaxy Exhibit 4G (aka Exhibit II / 2) switches.


    Several sellers offer mail-in-your-phone repair service for the SII/SIII, but I don't see any listed for the Exhibit. Maybe these guys can fix the Exhibit too?


    $39 service & switch: Power Switch Repair Service T Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH T989 Samsung Fix Bad Button | eBay

    $45 service & switch: Power Button Repair Samsung Galaxy s Galaxy s II Galaxy Note More | eBay

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    awoolf is right on.  I proved conclusively on an Exhibit II that these symptoms are caused by a bad switch.  Took the phone apart according to YouTube instructions, then measured the switch resistance directly.  Volume switches showed over 40 kOhms with switch unpressed; near zero Ohms when pressed.  The unpressed power switch measured only about 2 kOhms.  It's on the edge; that's why shock, temperature, etc., may allow it to increase resistance enough to power up the phone.

    So I took a soldering iron to the switch terminals.  Just touching one caused it to increase its resistance and operate correctly.  Not sure why, but I bet it won't last long.

    You need some good electronic technician tools to remove/replace these tiny things.  Next time, I'll try to swap in one of the volume switches rather than paying 40 bucks for someone to service these cheap, unreliable trinkets.

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    Same problem, had to get different phone


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    My Samsung Exhibit 4G has gone into the "boot loop" while just sitting on the table & not in use.  It only started doing this AFTER I updated the firmware a few days ago.   Since the firmware update, I've noticed SEVERAL issues with my phone (which worked fine before the update)...

    1.   Phone goes into a boot loop until I turn the phone off, then back on.

    2.   The phone will do a complete reboot by itself at a random time.

    3.   One day the battery drains at a normal rate, & the next it will drain very fast (running the same settings).

    4.   With GPS turned on, the GPS symbol in the notification area will flash for long periods of time (it never did that before the firmware update). 


    A firmware update should make the phone work BETTER, not worse!   I would restore it to the old version if I can do so & still retain all my contacts & settings. 


    Even though I've read a lot of complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G on here, I was very happy with mine (until I did the firmware update). 

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