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    Galaxy S3 4.1.2 update


      Samsung is about to release Android 4.2 to next month, probably after they released Galaxy S4.  All of my friends around the world are enjoying the 4.1.2 multi-view for about 3 months now but us we are still on 4.1.1, poor US market.  A very good resource of mine from Samsung USA told me that they already released 4.1.2 but its up to the carriers now to release it.  What's the hold up T-mobile?  We have a very good phone but we are not enjoying the capability of it.  this sucks.  I want to root my phone to install custom Android 4.2.2 but i am paying your expensive phone warranty.  I've learned my lesson not to buy any locked carrier phones. 

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          Also they charge carriers for updates too they aren't freely given.

          Plus with 4.2 coming just build in WiFi calling to that and be done with it.

          I don't think any of the us models got a update for that.

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            I agree!

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              Hi ramadora,


              The newest software versions are definitely nice to get. When ever there's a software update released, we do evaluate the software and determine whether or not it will benefit the devices on our network. At this time, we don't have any information about the next GSIII update, but do definitely keep an eye on our site for any changes to that status.

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                We aren't going to get it.  Even if we do, it won't matter like you said,  the S4 will be out. 

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                  I wouldn't say "we aren't going to get it" because it Android 4.2 has already been leaked out for international GS3s. Take a look for yourself http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s3-android-4-2-1-pre-release-160004/

                  If you google it you will find people who have made ROMs based off of it already.

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                    my question was answered looks like we will not get Android 4.1.2 this year.  Maybe next year when we are about to upgrade our phones.  Check the link below, almost all got Android 4.1.2 on their Galaxy S3's....  Thank http://www.tonistechblog.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-android-4-1-2-jelly-bean-update-schedule/


                    Time to buy Nexus Phone but not from T-mobile...  Cheaper to get thru Google.  This i am sure Google Wallet will work and has the newest Android 4.2 on it. 

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                      I dont think they will give it to us.  They know our phones are capable this will prevent us from upgrading our phones and they will not MAKE ANY MONEY.. All they have to do is add Wifi Calling and good to go.. Most of the time i am using my Samsung Tablet now with Android 4.2.2 on it.  Multi Users and multi-view.  I want to root my phone but just love the Touchwiz and also paying T-mobile warranty

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                        And if you take notice... No USA provider has released 4.1.2

                        I wouldn't say that we aren't getting a update I think since 4.1.2 and 4.2 are so close they are going to skip 4.1.2 and just get 4.2

                        And is just a little more then simply adding wifi calling too.

                        For each carrier all the different functionality need to be re verified for things like 911 and more.

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                          I have heard that about a lot of phones. Sometimes it's true, but in this case I don't think it is. If that was really Samsung's plan then they wouldn't be in the process of updating the GS2 or the OG Note either, but they still are updating them. Nobody in the US has gotten 4.1.2 aka the "Premium Suite" update because our GS3's already have some of the features that the premium suite update brings.

                          Overall, it's all about patience. Samsung has been really good about updating their phones lately. If they want to continue being the top android manufatuer then they have to continue that pattern

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                            The international carriers always get it first and the 4.1.2 and 4.2 roms that are based off of the stock 4.1.2 and 4.2 are nothing like the original.  Even if we do get it, it will be irrelevant by the time they release it.  Its kind of like I'll believe it when I see it.

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                              Well what happens is that T-mobile is just playing again with their customers and Not giving any updates until after the GS4 comes out so that people will instead buy it. It is just their NASTY GAME ..... I am just sick and tired of them. In about 1 year I will be gone from this disgusting company


                              Our phone is compatible to the Update to 4.1.2, even to the 4.2.1 . there is many people using it outside the US 

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                                I don't think that you at Tmobile are doing anything to help us to update our phones, This is one of the things that if you think about Will make customers walk away from Tmobile,. We like the network service but we don't like to be rulled on what we can do with the phones that WE PAYED FOR and you control.

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                                  Sprint released Android 4.1.2 last week but no premium suite. I think t mobile might release 4.1.2 this week but without the premium suite. If that's the case Tmobile we don't need it. Thank you US carriers, you all suck.

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                                    samsung sold and selling millions and billions phones in U.S. and  making huge money in U.S. market..  samsung sold  more phones in U.S. than any other country.BUT samsung treat us S. H .I .T.   every time releasing  update almost  LAST to U. S. or NOTHING..  we need to raise our voice to samsung and   tmo. 

                                    WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO RAISE OUR VOICE for fare price , treat like other country and  releasing current  update faster and sooner  like europe country or asia coyntry..

                                    tmo and samsung  im asking u  ~ WHEN r u  releasing jelly been ??

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