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My PC is no longer recognizing my Galaxy Note 2


So, up until two days ago, everything was all right, my GN2 would connect to my pc, i was able to transfer files back and forth between my GN2 and my PC. Now my problem is that my when i connect my GN2 to the PC, the ONLY THING IT DOES IS CHARGE MY PHONE, it does not bring up the "connected as ..." menu to give me options for MTP/etc, nor does my PC recognize the phone as being connected. i went to samsung support, got no help from there, they keep telling me re-install the USB drivers, re-install Kies Software. I've done that on my own multilpe times but to no avail, making sure after every uninstall i reset my PC, and after every install again i reset my PC. I have tried multiple USB cables, my brother who has the same phone, used his cable as well. I have tried plugging into the different USB ports on my PC (3 of them), and the same response, the phone will charge, but the PC does not recognize the phone being connected, nor does the phone show USB symbol. I just picked up the phone from T-Mobile about 2 months ago, brand new, running the latest T-Mobile updates, NOT ROOTED PURELY STOCK ROM.