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Redeemed a refill card -- not showing up in account



I just activated my phone and was trying to put some money into my account so I can start using it. I bought a refill t-mobile card at walmart with $30 on it. I entered it in my t-mobile account and it went through, but it doesn't show any funds on my account. My balance is still $0.00. I read that the process is supposed to be instantaneous. Could someone help me?


I paid $30 to put into my pre-paid plan, and nothing is happening. The card/code is now used up and I have nothing to show for it. Is there anything in the system that can check to see that I did redeem this code/card and please give me the $30 credit? It's been used up now (I tried to enter it in the website again -- said it was already used), so obviously, the number is floating somewhere in the T-mobile network, right?


I also tried to call the number on the back of the card. The automated message said I had used it up (when I entered the code the first time on the website).


Thank you,