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New update 2.35.531.12


Just got a new update for the HTC One S. If you havent gotten it yet, manually check software update.


List any difference(s) you notice.

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    I just updated mine too. I have not explore anything about the differences!

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    Haven't yet seen it on mine yet.

    And of course T-Mobile aka T-Slacker hasn't posted anything as of yet here:


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    Looks like it's just a security update. Shame, I thought it might finally be Jelly Bean, but still 4.0.4...

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    Hopefully it is a precursor update to JB maybe :-P

    Wishful thinking I guess.

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    It's just a security enhancement. No new features added in this one, but it's keeping your device safe.



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    And not just like all the other updates this one won't pull for me.

    from the 1.84 to 2.35.531.7 I had to run the ruu to update it from HTC since I never got update

    I also never got 2.35.531.10.

    What can I do about not getting the update for the device.

    Seems like is missing off HTC data base.

    I really don't want to exchange it since I tried for this one since was randomly loosing signal and the one I got wouldn't charge sent that back and got another one, that one wouldn't stay on over an hour without rebooting and thats with no apps or even signing into anything.  So don't want to try that again.

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    If your device is missing from getting updates, we can help. You will need to send me your phone's IMEI. I can take that IMEI to HTC, and then HTC will check that your IMEI is on their update server list. I would definitely want to make sure you can get this security enhancement.


    First, find the IMEI number at Settings, About, Phone identity, IMEI.


    Second, send it to me. I cannot receive PMs, but the T-Force employees moderating the forums can. So, you can do either of these options:

    • Reply here with your IMEI number
    • Or, send a PM to  tmo_andrew_g. Include your IMEI and an explanation that it is for this HTC One S update to .12, and he'll have to send it to tmo_mikem
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    Security? My ars this loud of bull just deleted ALL of my data. Including my photos and music wow this is dumb you really screwed me on this one tmobile.

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    Actually, for me this was more than just a security update. The annoying background hiss while on a phone call appears to have been fixed with this update. Hopefully Jelly Bean is coming real soon.

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    @ voser714

    You must have had something gotten corrupted or a conflicting app

    That's not supposed to happen.

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    My phone was stock i didnt have anything installed other then Facebook and weedmaps from the play store. Another thing I got the 1st update and it made me go threw the whole setup process again. thats when i noticed all my stuff gone i went to check for more updates hoping for JB and there was another update ready to push so i did and still no JB and my stuff is all gone. Im not expecting tmo to help me im just posting to warn people of this issue. ill recover my data the only way i know how and go root and install a custom Rom. Tmo u and ur bloatware can suck it. As for "security" the stuff i want secure is gone so defeats the purpose of having a security update when it deletes all ur data.

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    There is still a possibility that something in cache was corrupted in it.

    If happens every update then there's something wrong with the partitions on the phone and probably in the hardware

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    In storage you have the option to Erase phone storage now. I am not sure if it was there already b4 the update . i think only make more space option was available b4. i could be wrong.

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    Hey there, Im actually having the same issue theartiszan is having. Im still running software version 1.53.531.16.710RD. I got the phone for going to the Inner Circle Trip to Puerto Rico last year and never have been able to recieve any updates. i have called in and even tried the online chat and they keep giving me the run around saying that i need to contact HTC which is incorrect. Having working in customer service I know that they only teach the basics to get customers off the phone to some extent but i know this wasnt right because Tmo is suppose to be sending out the polished updates that was sent to them by HTC. The online chat would send me the link to try the manual software update which is what i have been trying since the first update was released with no luck. The problems that theartiszan and the reply that you gave him sounds like exactly what i have been going thru for the most part and am curious if you would be able to help me out also and how long it takes to work. My wife has the same phone and just before writing this i tried to search for the update that came out the other day and it popped right up where mine is just saying my phone is up to date. i appreciate any help i can get because calling in hasnt helped at all..

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