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Not receiving texts, picture messages, or voice mails correctly

I was beginning to think this was a device issue, but I find it difficult to believe that I have three faulty devices. My husband and I each have the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. On both phones, we frequently do not receive text and picture messages. While I work in the evenings and he is home with the baby, he sends me pictures of our daughter. I am lucky if I get half of them. Same thing happens when I send him pictures to his phone. I get some picture messages to my phone, but they are perpetually stuck in the "Downloading" stage. Sometimes, I have to turn my phone off and on to fully download them. Some of them never download and eventually expire. I have also had several friends complain about me not returning texts. Problem is, I never received them. I originally thought it was just my phone and brought it into the TMobile store too many times to count (my visual voicemail is also not working or voicemails are automatically sent to the "saved" folder and I don't receive notification of voicemails, causing me to have to call my voicemail several times a day just to check). Eventually, they replaced the phone. However, the new phone has the same issues.

In December, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Blaze for work. As far as I know, I am receiving all text messages. I haven't had any clients complain about that. However, like my other phone, all of my voicemails are going straight into the saved folder and I don't always receive notification of them unless I happen to call voicemail directly. Before I discovered this, a client had called and the message sat in my saved folder for three days before I found it.

I had thought this was a device issue, but I'm starting to worry it is a network issue. T-Mobile can't seem to fix it. I'm starting to talk to the guy at the local T-Mobile store so much, he's actually memorized the password on my phone. Can anyone at T-Mobile explain what's going on?