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Prepaid Refill FILL UP NOW link not operational

On T-Mobile's website, on the Prepaid Refill page, under the Credit Card Or Checking Account heading, there is a FILL UP NOW link, and the described webpage can be seen on the following:




When you click on FILL UP NOW, the browser is directed to the following page, but no response every comes back to complete a transaction:




In the past, I have used this link to refill one of my accounts.  However, I've been trying for two business days to get that link to work, and I have not found it operational any time in the last two days.  While I realize there are other methods by which to refill my account, that is not the purpose of my message here.


Does T-Mobile intend to keep that refill link operational, as it is a part of their webpage, placed on the refill page?  Otherwise, who at T-Mobile needs to be notified that the link appears to be non-operational?  Thank you for your time in investigating the difficulty with this link / refill option.

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    Hi tmodeceives,


    I apologize that you are having such difficulties trying to refill your account balance. This definitely seems odd that you are running into the problem. If you don’t mind me asking, what internet browser are you using? I just tried accessing both links that you listed here and follow through the steps of trying to refill an account and it worked perfectly for me through Firefox.


    If using Internet Explorer, I would recommend clearing up the cookies, cache, and also making sure that the latest Java is up to date on the browser. Everything seems to work great for me at this moment. Sorry this isn’t working out for you.



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    Thank you for your response Adam.  At this time, I'm still unable to access that particular page.  I typically use Firefox as my browser, where I originally experienced the problem, but also had the same issue when using Internet Explorer, where I tried that weblink before making my post here in the forum.  For now, I'll continue to try to troubleshoot the issue on my side and see if I can somehow obtain access.

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    That is very bizzare. You are using the same two browsers that I primarily use when I’m at work. I accessed both of those lines that you provided and the pages loaded up right away for me.


    The second link too me to the page where I can refill my account. Since I don’t have a prepaid account or test account to try for my own, I wasn’t able to go any further. All seemed to work well for me though.



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    Yes, still trying to troubleshoot it myself.  Only that one particular page doesn't load, in Firefox, Internet Explorer, or on my Samsung Galaxy S II phone itself.  Will continue to see if I can troubleshoot the issue and get it operational. 

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    Adam, I think you had the word correct, bizzare.  Last night, I was able to get the refill page (the FILL UP NOW link) pulled up on my Samsung Galaxy S II phone itself.  Being late at night, I sort of thought to myself, hey, it's working again, and I'll use the site in the morning.  Now this morning, about some 8 hours later, that refill page won't load again.  Something certainly is bizzare.

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    Wow! I’m sorry for all of the trouble you have been going through with this. I’ve probably clicked on these links roughly 20 times now between 3 different browsers on my computer total and have not experienced this issue once.


    I have now successfully been able to test these links on Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. I’ve even had a couple of co-workers of mine access these links from their computers to make sure that my computer isn’t the only one. They too are able to see the same pages I was looking at.


    I truly am at a loss as to why you are having so many difficulties accessing these links. I promise we aren’t doing this deliberately to you.