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iPhone 4 APN settings - MMS messages failing

I am trying to verify all the current (ios 6.1) and working APN settings for unlocked ATT iPhone 4 ios 6.1 on a t-mobile prepaid plan.  I have been experiencing problems sending MMS messages to non iphone users (mainly 'Delivery Failure' after being in the sending status for a good length of time). Sometimes MMS works, sometimes it doesn't.  In reading over several posts on this subject, there appears to be a few variations of APN settings and I am trying solidify what works consistently for unlocked ATT iPhone 4 on ios 6.1. Do you use epc.tmobile.com for both Cellular APN and MMS APN? Or is it epc.t-mobile.com for both? Or is it epc.voicestream.com? Essentially I am looking for the entire breakdown from the 'Settings>>General>>Cellular screen, including Cellular Data Network. Thanks in advance.