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    [Prism] How to move apps 2 SD card?

      I have two phones. One is a unlocked Samsung Galaxy Y and the other is a T-Mobile Prism.

      Both run more or less the same operating system Android 2.3.7


      I have a question regarding T-Mobile Prism. It won't let me move any of my apps to the SD card. I wish to uninstall facebook, but unable to do that. Also wish to uninstall half the t-mob apps that I find installed on there. I don't use them.


      They are hogging up space and valuable memory that could be utilized for something that I find useful.


      On my Samsung Galaxy Y I am able to do that, but the T-Mobile Prism doesn't let me. Do I need to unlock this phone or root it?


      Any ideas?



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          To ensure the device is capable you want to test it on an application is written to support that feature.  Try downloading the amazon shopping application and then go into settings>>applications>>manage applications>>downloaded>>amazon and see if there is an option to move to sd.  If there is then it's simply that those applications are not developed to do so if there is not then the device is not able to do so.


          Keith M