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    Unlocked IPhone 4s (iOS 6.1) not picking up T-Mobile signal

      I bought an iPhone 4s (earlier AT&T) which has been unlocked. But even after repeated attempts I have not been able to get it to pick up t-mobile network.

      It just shows 'No Signal'.

      When I turn-off the automatic carrier selection, I am able to see t-mobile and t-mobile (3G) in carrier list but selecting them does not do any thing.


      Here are the things I have tried:

      • Confirmed from AT&T that the IMEI no. of my phone does show up as unlocked
      • Confirmed from apple support that the phone is indeed unlocked
      • Got activated micro SIM from T-mobile store ,(earlier I had manually cut the normal SIM which I was using in my HTC Sensation)
      • Double checked with t-mobile store that the SIM is active and good.
      • Connected to itunes and did 'restore' to factory settings... Got message : 'congratulation your iphone is unlocked'
      • Contacted T-mobile support, they walked me though several troubleshooting steps including reset network settings
      • Got the e-mail 'T-Mobile Internet and picture messaging settings for Apple® iPhone®' and followed its steps


      Still all I have is 'No Signal'!!!

      Has anyone else been having this issue? Is this a weirdness of iOS 6.1?


      Any ideas on what should I try next except getting a new carrier.

      Because I verified that with At&T SIM the phone works just fine.

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