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Set outgoing smtp server authentication



I am able to set up my email account in all other email applications but the stock email app on the S2 with ICS.  So I don't need instructions on which port or security settings. When I set up my email account in the stock email app, I entered the smtp outgoing server, but the user and password for that server are different than my user/password.  It asked if they are different, I clicked that they are, but it doesn't allow me to set them up.  After an email account has been set up, there is no place to edit the servers (incoming or outgoing), and certainly no way to change the authentication.  Is there something I'm missing, or does the ICS email app just not have the ability to use separate authentication for the outgoing mail?  Is there some trick to get to the server settings in the email app?  The GB instructions say there should be a menu item called "More" that then leads to the server settings, but that doesn't exist in ICS.