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        Might have found the ONLY solution for a Sprint iPhone 5. It is the R-SIM 7+. Not the regular R SIM 7....but the 7+. The + versions are mostly sold from China and Hong Kong on eBay. They are also available from some online merchants. No jail break needed. It is a "interposer" that looks like a microchip that is the exact size and shape of the SIM insert on the side of the iPhone 4, 4s, and 5. You put your current carriers SIM on it and insert. Follow the instructions on your iPhone that are provided by the RSIM7+. Select desired carrier from a drop down menu, remove SIM, and swap with the new carrier's SIM. Follow further instructions and voila! Ordering one today. Will let you know if it works. May take a while if I have to order from overseas. Hopefully will be a T-Mobile customer soon.

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          Hey ASHEVILLE67.... I'm in the SAME boat as you. I've read the same thing, but from what I've also read is that the Verizon and Sprint phones are the SAME. I'm willing the Jailbreak mine but havent found anyone that has done it and got it to work on another GSM carrier. Also bc of Sprint telling people it will only work internationally, I think people are being scared away from buying on Sprint, cancelling service and going elsewhere. Let me know how this goes because I want to cancel my Sprint contract and pay the ETF to get better service and a better plan. I'm not worried about not having LTE at the moment because I don't have it on Sprint either so its an even trade off. So let me know how this goes and PLEASE post here!

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            I downloaded a program that jail breaks it, puts iOS6.1, and Cydia on it in 4 minutes. It works great and flawlessly. I can easily hook it back up to iTunes and hit Restore iPhone to remove the jail break and get it back to like it was when I bought it brand new. Been back and forth a few times. The phone is just fine. Once jailbroken, it is still locked on to the Sprint network. There is a program in Cydia that works great to unlock on the 4 and 4s...not the 5. I also have a bad ESN because I owe Sprint a lot of money on a disconnected shared plan. Remember, if you get hit with an ETF, Sprint will blacklist it with a bad ESN until paid in full. By the way, I have read thousands of times that ALL Verizon iPhone 5s are already unlocked. You can throw almost any carrier's SIM in it and it switches to that network. All iPhone 5's already have the ability to work on both CDMA and GSM networks. The SIM tells the unlocked phone what network/baseband to utilize. Hence why the unlock is so important. Hope this can be of any help.

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              I've jailbroken the phones before, no big deal. I would never leave a carrier without paying my ETF. And it's easy to unlock. Those aren't the problems.


              I just simply want to know if anyone is successful in using the GSM portion of the sprint iphone 5 on a GSM network yet like tmobile, straight talk, ATT, Net10, etc... Sprint service sucks. Eventually someone will make it work. It has the same hardware as the Verizon version. It's a software problem and someone will figure it out.

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