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    No Service

      I do not have service, is the tmobile network down

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          What area? No problem here in Alabama.

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            Tmo could be updating in your area. Did you have service before and where are you?

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              That's what I'm thinking.....

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                Coverage in Austin is good, what area are you in?  Do you think it's possible you have you phone on Air Plane mode?

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                  Same here .. I lost my network single and 4G in Nashville!!!

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                    Enter *#06# in your dialer and a promt should come up.


                    If that promt says 004999010640000 then T-Mobile just blocked your phone on their network.

                    That number means that you don't have your original IMEI. If you want a working phone you shoud restore your original IMEI back. Search the web for IMEI Restore, IMEI Fix, etc.

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                      Wha, why would T-Mobile block your IMEI number?

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                        Well T-Mobile until recently only banned IMEI numbers for stolen phones.

                        But that specific IMEI ( 004999010640000 ) is a "Generic IMEI", that's not a real IMEI, the one written on the back of the phone is different then that.

                        Your phone looses it's original IMEI and defaults to that one due to various causes:


                        - Phone unlocking

                        - Rooting/custom ROMs

                        - Installing different firmware / updates

                        - Sending it in for repair and receiving it like that


                        I'm very curious why T-Mobile decided to block that IMEI, but I think we will never get an answer for that.

                        Depending on the model of the phone you can restore your original IMEI. But it's a complicated procedure that varies by phone and doesn't even work on some without opening it up and soldering things to the motherboard.


                        Please post here your experiences while trying to get this resolved.

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                          Just in my opinion it's almost like you're explaining to "thieves" and those that recieve stolen property how to do "work around" on the stolen phones.  If your IMEI number is haphazardly blocked by accident and you own the phone fair and legally then a simple call to or stop by T-Mobile store should resolve the issue.

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                            T-Mobile has been blocking stolen phone IMEI's for about 1 year, thats not the issue here.

                            Look at the causes listed above.


                            None of the causes listed above are illegal or even against T-Mobiles TOS.

                            Let's say you buy an off-contract iPhone from AT&T and unlock it to bring it to T-Mobile, but you get that IMEI, now the phone won't work on T-Mobile. Do you see anything wrong with that ?


                            Or you want to see how GingerBread would look on your updated ICS phone and install the official firmware for it and your phone is suddenly blocked ... what's wrong with that ?

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                              One I've been with T-Mobile since 2003 so none of your examples apply to me. then secondly it still sounds like there is something "fishy" that would caused you to get blocked in the first place.  If all of your ducks are in a row and everything you're doing is completely 100% legitimate, including the purchase of a phone that's not stolen, then your phone should, could and would stand up to the test of investigation by making a simple phone call for them to "fix" it on their end. 

                              If your satellite dish get out of alignment do you go up on the roof and try to adjust the azimuth or do you call your satellite provider and allow them to do it, whether that be walking you through the steps over the phone or sending out a technician.. 



                              At no point did I make a reference to any of the previous post, the only post I had any concern about was yours sir.  As I stated it sounds like you're going above and beyond what the post is even about.  Show me which post other than yours even remotely spoke of a blocked IMEI number?  They were talking about just a lost of service ( which happens frequently especially since the network refarming and upgrades)   You're recommending a person go out the back door, throught the city and around the expressway just to go next door.  The aforemention issues to the best of my knowledge are not remotely related to blocked IMEI numbers,  a simple call to T-Mobile seems like enough to resolve the matter.


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                                Well this obviously only recently started happening ... since it's related to smartphones... Mostly android smartphones are affected.

                                And you are right, if you behave, buy your phone from t-mobile and don't mess around with it then you should be fine. Search google for '004999010640000 after unlock' or 'bad imei after unlock' or '004999010640000 samsung replaced pcb' and you will see what what ppl get in this type of situation.


                                And no T-Mobile deffinetly won't help you and maby even samsung won't ... You'r lucky to find someone at T-Mobile that even knows what your talking about. If you ask T-Mobile if that IMEI is blocked they will say that everything is OK, it should be working.


                                Well yes, I was saying that's what happened if they have that IMEI number. I was only saying that because They started blocking it on the exact same day that the OP posted. If your IMEI is different then the one above, disregard my messages .


                                And if I was <explaining to "thieves" and ... how to do "work around" ... stolen phones> then the post would have looked something like this:

                                If you're a thief who recently stole the phone from your homocide victim and just realise that it has been blocked and you won't be able to sell it for drug money, ther's a thread on XDA developpers called "Repair IMEI & Roaming ERI issues" that will enable you to change the IMEI on most Android phones to a random one. Be sure to use the IMEI of a sweet old lady you dislike because wehn the network detects that two phones have the same IMEI, they will probably both be banned.

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                                  My whole point is, from the OP all the way up to your post there was no mention, reference or hint that anyone had a phone other than a T-Mobile phone.  Most people ( not all) but most disclose this information in their orginial post.  Saying something like " I have an At&t GS3 and, etc, etc, etc."  Nothing about any of the post said anything close to what you were speaking of.  It was your assumption that the phone was from another carrier.  That's why I found it odd that of all the problems it could be, without digging for more information, without asking is your phone a T-Mobile branded phone or someone else you just threw out there this IMEI fix or workaround?  I'm an Engineering Technician at Samsung.  And before that I did 14 years in the Navy as an Interior Communications Technician.  I just found it odd that you threw out a solution based of the time of day, month year etc.

                                  I believe in gathering as much information as possible before forming an opinion that this is definitely what the problem may be.

                                  If I hit send on my phone and a car crashes out side my apartment does that mean my send button is a car causing crash button?  Probably not.  But if it happens repeatedly and everytime then I'll have something more concrete to go on. 

                                  I've never been a big fan of switching carriers like changing underware don't see the point in it.  Every carrier has their strong points and weak points.  I prefer stability hence is why I've been with T-Mobile since 2003.

                                  Oh and for the record I root and have rooted every phone that I have owned.  Tried different ROMS, Kernals and have yet to have an IMEI problem.  And when I'm bored with my phone or the newest brand new shiney come out I restore the phone to stock and reset the flash counter to zero.  To either give it to a family member or sell it outright.