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Wi FI Calling



I have free WiFi calling on my plan.  Will this work internationally, meaning if I use my phone on the hotels wifi, there would be no charges?

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    I thought everybody had wifi calling (phone permitting) on TMO, no?? It's not really free, as it counts against your minuttes as far as I know (except weekends/nights and TMO to TMO)

    The way it works is: lets say you're in Europe, you hook up to wifi in a hotel and  can call home for free, except for minuttes, like you called from US. However, if you call locally in Europe, that would be international call with full charge.

    Same with calling from US to overseas. Think of it this way: your call goes over internet to TMO server in US, once here it goes on the cell network and it's billed as such, so calling from outside into US works fine, calling from US or locally outside US not so much, but of course for local calls you can buy sim and there are programs that will let you call over internet with less restrictions, like Skype. But the build in Wifi calling works as I described above. Hope this helps.

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    My plan doesn't use minutes are data when on wifi.

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    I've never heard of that plan. As far as I know, pete4 is correct.

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    I have unlimited free wifi calling and data..it doesn't count against my allotment.  Other than that..Pete's description makes perfect sense.  Thanks

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    Depending on your rate plan there is a free feature for some that will give you free unlimited calling on WiFi.

    You need to call to add it though.

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    So...what's that plan called?  I know SEVERAL people who would consider that free calling from home or work. It sounds like a great plan to encourage friends to come to Tmo!

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    I use WiFi calling internationally for both outgoing/incoming calls and accessing voicemail without any additional cost and have for years.  My plan includes WiFi calling at no additional cost .  My understanding is that if your phone registers on an international cellular network(not WiFi) you will be charged international rates even for calls going to voicemail.


    Call support or use chat(written record) before you travel to get current options and costs.

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    Well, if you do call outside US using build in WiFi function, wouldn't the call go to TMO server in US first and then be routed into cell network, therefore trigering extra charges? Are you using third party phone application, are you somehow grandfathered into free WiFi.

    I wish people explain better what are they talking about, since this possibly could help many others, maybe? So, please do tell how, instead of keeping us guessing.

    personally I don't care much about free WiFi calling, since I never went over my 1000 min yet and use WiFi at home more for saving my 2GB data than anything else, but could use free international calling for sure.

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    Nah not international.

    Only for calls within the US.

    Pretty much any limited minute plan, I have value 1000 and then free WiFi calling feature.

    On WiFi unlimited calls to any number in the US then

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    I use the T-Mobile UMA or WiFi calling app.  My plan includes U/L WiFi calling and before this I paid $10/month/family plan for U/L UMA.  Internationally, I use my USA T-M SIM from the hotel, airport, restaurant or other WiFi connections to make and receive USA calls at no additional cost.  When I leave the WiFi connection area I turn my handset off if I choose to avoid international rates.


    You could buy a local pre-paid SIM but then be unable to use WiFi calling.  Friends have received comp international minutes from AT&T.  T-Mobile has some options to save but has never offered me comp time.  Call before your trip and explore options.  Document the information the T-Mobile reps offer.  Call your credit/bank cards also to authorize countries you plan to visit and ask about the best currency exchange deals.


    If my answers were less than satisfying, I offer consulting service at an exorbitant fee. 

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    SO I guess the answer is I can call back to the US at no addtional cost over wifii  from abroad.

    This what my account says:


    T-Mobile Free Wi-Fi Calling gives you unlimited Wi-Fi minutes, unlimited high speed data and when travelling internationally free calls back to the USA – all at no additional cost.


    My question now is what about using apps on my phone over the wifi when connected out of the country?

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    Not sure I understand that last question.

    any programs using wifi calling using internet you mean  or what

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    Any app that does not requie Mobile Data will work. No MMS as it requires Mobile Data.

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    I would like to point out most of the answers only apply to stock phone using stock programs: For example there are programs to send SMS for free even if one doesn't have SMS paid subscripion. Instead of MMS one could send e-mail with attachments, perfectly readable on another smart phone etc etc . But free WiFi calling home from outside the country is pretty neat all by itself. I had not known about it until reading  forums and I wonder if TMO is the only major US carier providing something like that? I could have used it many times in the past, before found out about it, great selling point which TMO should advertise more often among other things.

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