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    HTC Titan ii unlocked for Tmobile MMS problem

      Yeah I have a unlocked AT&T HTC Titan ii for Tmobile and can not get MMS sent or recieved. When trying to recieve mms it says "Get media content now", when clicking this text it loops and doesn't recieve the MMS. Can't send either with a "Can't send message" error. This can NOT be solved by the samsung fix. There is no wireless manager for HTC. There is connection setup app but it does NOT work for the Titan II. The only editable fields in APN settings are:

      User name


      Proxy server/URL

      Proxy Port

      As you can see there is no place to add the mms settings into the APN. There is no option to add lines or fields. Anyone know of a fix to get MMS working for the HTC titan ii?