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My T Mobile Nightmare....


Great. I just wasted 15 minutes writing out my aggravations about T Mobile and one error leaves me to start all over again.


I'm not going to spend another 15 minutes writing my horrid experiences with them again, however instead I will write out my negative experiences with them on another site that allows new customers to review current TMO customers reviews and use them to weigh out their options. Hopefully then I'll help a few people to eliminate making the same mistake I did when I sold my soul to TMobile-for two years anyway. Then again, I shouldn't look at it like that because I have options. I can pay my way out of the contract and you know what? I hate to waste money like that but then again, its sounds like I'd be buying piece of mind. God, I just blew my own mind right there,,what an awesome way to look at it..


First Im going to take care of the outrageous over charge fee of 950 dollars on my account. I won't let T Mobile get away with that! Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the annoying, rude incompetent reps I'v dealt with but, the way to go from now on (once I relieve my self from this disgusting company), I'm going to buy my phone without a contract and it won't be through TMO, that I know for sure!


By the way I have unlimited service and two days ago my bill was 550 and I called into complain about that-only to log on this morning and find it jacked up to 950! This has been going on for the last year with this company. I believe with all my heart that earlier in the year I dealt with an annoying representative who argued with me and I think he's messing with my account and creating this headache for me as pay back. If that's not the case then T Mobile is to blame because it sure isn't me! Well, turns out they're saying they never received my broken phone after FINALLY sending me the replacement. "Yea T Mobile, because I wanted to keep and be charged for a broken phone. In fact, it's a paper weight right in front of me as we speak holding down my cancellation notice to your incompetent company.."


Well, guess I ended up writing my concerns after all-only I left out so much of the details it would make you sick. I have real worries in life I have worry about like my beloved Aunt & Uncle who passed away-they raised me,,I have to deal with that & grieve and not have to worry about TMOBILE bullying me.


Like I said, Im out of this contract as soon as I clear my name. T Mobile, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm going to share this with everyone I can but I know you don't care because who am I? I'm just one lousy customer to you, a sucker who let himself get sucked into a deal. Some deal that turned out to be...NEVER AGAIN!

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    Hi mcny74,


    I do appreciate you sharing your experience with us and apologize that your first attempt didn't go smoothly. This has definitely been challenging for you. Consistent bills are important and when that's not what's happening for you, we definitely do need to take some steps to find out what's going on.


    With the Unlimited plans, there's just no way to be charged for overage. This leads me to believe that there's a different understanding of your plan somewhere along the way or something else that's causing these fluctuations in your monthly bill.  It could be long distance, roaming, premium service charges or even some overage due to an error with a feature on your account.


    Restocking fees are charged when we sent an exchange and did not receive the replacement device back within 30 days. After 60 days, the charge becomes very sticky. It is possible that a returned device is lost in transit and we have ways to track it down. Do you know if there's been any sort of handset research form filed? 


    I would be glad to help you investigate that restocking fee and also figure out what's going on with your bills. I'm going to send you a private message to get more information. Take a look when you've got a moment.

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    What do i do..? I completely paid my bill. From a ( 0.00 ) bal. I paid 142 .00

    In advance Before my bill is due.. Corp.store said i was at a ( 0.00 ) for this month. Now i get a bill for 42.11


    Customer service said corp store was wrong & i still owe..


    What do i do.?6

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    Im so unbelievably angry right now I feel like I could punch through solid stone! This is the response Iv gotten from this cell phone company, Im being rail roaded and cannot even believe this is happening. I s anyone going through this? I swear I will not pay a dime, not before going in front of a judge who orders me to pay or death,,,and I'll take death before giving a greedy lying company my hard earned money. Okay, so that's a little dramatic but I cannot explain what the following email makes me feel:

    T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request


    Handset Order Reference:  04481929


    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. The Return Center has not received the defective equipment and it is now past the timeframe eligibility for a refund. We will not be able to credit the non-return fee assessed.

    Thank You,

    Handset Order Research Department
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.


    So it's now the customers fault that a company can't find a broken device that THEY gave you AND, they make YOU pay for it? My bill is now 527.91 so they did take off a few hundred for double billing me for the same thing twice-it being one is a lie, therefor both was a lie! Im in shock. That's all I have to say.

    TMO-Jessica, you didn't read my post because as I said originally, T Mobile is trying to rail road me by saying that I DID NOT SEND IN MY DEFECTIVE DEVICE. They say they don't have it-yet, I sent it in. I sent it in because it DID NOT WORK. I pay 122 a month with 7.99 insurance and they're charging me 400 dollars for a piece of junk that I sent in-in fact, the phone they sent to replace the other one is just as a piece of junk, but what do I do about it now? How can I trust a company this big who LIES and is constantly MESSING with me?

    You know what? I don't have time for this. Ill send you a private email and will update all of this information. I am sorry for ranting on but I'm upset. This is wrong on so many levels. Ill never do a contract again. EVER! I may just take the hit on this one and just tell TM to go to hell..
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    Hello mcny74,


    I apologize that my post wasn't helpful to you. I did see that you said you've sent it back and I was wondering if there's been any sort of handset research form filed. I see now that there has been. I did also send you the private message that I said I would send. I apologize for causing confusion.


    Do you have a tracking number for the returned device? I don't feel like this is a totally lost cause and would still like to help you.

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    You can't tell me that T Mobile isn't messing with me! Now worse then ever Im getting dropped calls, Broadband is extremely slow-phone doesn't function properly! In the last week and a half all this is happening!!


    I had talked to another customer service agent who promised to help-but once again, I just got a text message from TMO saying 527.91 is due in 5 days!! Which means, their investigation turned up nothing and now Im getting charged for a "lost" and DAMAGED phone!


    I'v never been so angrier in my life. Jessica, you say this isn't a total lost cause but how are you going to  help me? I waited to see if the last person I dealt with on the phone could help and now Im still stuck here. Someone at T Mobile is messing with me-call me crazy & paranoid but Im convinced that someone I argued with over the phone a few months back has purposely went out of his way to cause these problems for me. I'd like to see what you could do for me and if you can help I'll be grateful. But forgive me for not being trusting.


    I don't have a tracking number because I sent the broken device in the box & lable they sent out to me. Iv never had this trouble before till T Mobile. I deal with Ebay all the time and always get my packages and buyers always receive theirs from me. There's just no way this is a coincidence.

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    Hi mcny74,


    I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble lately. I am still waiting for a reply to that private message I sent you so that we can help you.

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    I thought it would only be fair to state the out come of this case and give credit due to a very kind & sincere employee of T Mobile-one where I believe is very few and far in between because I'v dealt with many-yet there is one who helped me and handled this as quickly as I allowed them to.


    When I finally did trust  this person to help me and give them the information needed in order to allow them to help, literally within just a few minutes everything was made good-I coulndn't even believe it.! After everything I'v been through I had given up but then there was this one person left who wanted to help and I'm so glad I let them. 

    I already thanked her privately but wanted to do so publicly and give all the credit and no one else to (I presume) Jessica-aka "tmo_jessicab." I imagine any consumer would be lucky enough to deal with "a Jessica" in any circumstance-and Im grateful I did. Thanks Again..

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       Is there anyway you can help me as well with my "nightmare"? My scenario:


    1) Moved to China with my Family in November 2012.

    2) Decided to convert my 3-phone family plan to pre-paid, based on advice from a customer service rep to keep numbers, but lower my monthly cost. (This was bad advice, I've learned)

    3) Transaction didn't go as planned and only one number was switched to pre-paid out of the 3.

    4) Started to get very high phone bills, but due to extensive travel didn't follow up quickly. All this time no phones are in use.

    5) Called Customer Service today to cancel all accounts and pay off the balance. Customer support reversed 2 months of bills on the account, and I paid over the phone via credit card $364.13. They said I was paid in full then transferred me to "Loyalty" to confirm the cancellation.

    6) Loyalty said "oops" there is another $200+ to pay in late charges and cancellation fees. I've paid over $1000 for phone I can't even use since the beginning of the year. I offered to pay over the phone, and be done with it, but was told I have to wait for the bill. I do not want to wait for a another bill! I want to be done with this whole mess.


    I am want to just pay up and get out. Can you offer a solution as well. I want to end on a good note.


    Best regards,