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    LTE on a Iphone 5

      Hello, I am curently a Iphone 5 user running on 2G/3G SPEED. Since I know t mobile will start lanching there LTE soon will my iphone 5 get the option to turn on LTE on my setting, once LTE Network is fully running on tmobile ?

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          You will need an AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 to use LTE once its available, Tmobile will have the iPhone in mid march and the following iOS update should allow you to toggle 3G and 4g in settings, Tmobile will launch 4G LTE in all major markets in June 2013 at which point the LTE toggle in settings under cellular should show up. Verizon's iPhone 5 will not show this as it doesn't support LTE band 4, but AT&T's iPhone 5 does. Hope this helps