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WiFi Calling

First off, want to thank T-Mobile for allowing this to be utilized. From what I read, WiFi calling minutes do NOT count toward our plan minutes.


Please correct me if I am wrong.


I very much enjoy using WiFi calling at home, however, when I use speakerphone and a dial pad, say to access my voicemail, the keys are getting multi pressed, the phone also seems to be unsure when it is against my face, or not and switches from being able to enter to not being able to enter keys - this is ONLY in WiFi calling mode.


Regular calling, phone knows when I pull it down from my face to enter numbers, is no problems. But when WiFi calling, is almost like it is hearing feedbcak on the number tones, sounds like the noise cancellation that is usually in play, is NOT enagaged during WiFi.


Does that make sense??


Have come to like this phone, knew nothing when we started. Isn't the best, isn't the worst, sure has been fun learning all it can do. and Thanks in advance!!!!


All helpful info is welcome

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    Hi stpeterickster! Is this something that is still a concern for you? Please let us know! T-Force is happy to help.


    Thanks so much for posting!


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    Yes, same problems and then some. The ability of the phone to 'know' when it is against my face or not also seems to be wacky in WiFi calling mode.


    Am getting mixed information on the plan/rates, as well. Some say it is already included in the plans, some say minutes may count, some say WiFi minutes are unlimited. Was sent a text saying it was for all TMobile, but no one seems to have THE answer.


    Working around it and am glad to have the features, but would love to see some updates/improvements, maybe even an Android Update to 3, if I really dare to dream.


    Thank You!!

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    Hey stpeterickster,


    I completely understand wanting to newest updates etc.  The plan for wi-fi calling needs a free feature on your account.  Once that is added Wi-Fi minutes are free.  You can add that feature on your online my.t-mobile.com account.


    You may also want to make sure you run a speed test and make sure you are getting good up/l and dl speeds with 0 packet loss.


    a good site is http://myspeed.visualware.com/indexvoip.php


    I have not heard of the screen not going black when put up to the cheek so nothing is hit accidentally.


    Current build # C85B839SP03





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    Thank you,


    In a wifi call, when I pull the phone to touch a number or selection, the phone may light up, may not, may light for a second then go dark while I am entering a number. Is ONLY on the wifi calling.


    I do have the SP03 update, as well.


    If I am on speakerphone in wireless, the touch tones sound doubled - is messed up.


    Thanks for any further help,



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    Hey Rick,


    Have you tried to reset the device?


    Master reset

    A master reset restores the original factory settings and may erase all downloaded content, including ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. It does not erase data stored on the SIM card or memory card (if available).


    To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:


    1. Back up all necessary data that is on the internal memory.
    2. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Privacy.
    5. Tap Factory data reset.
    6. Tap to check Erase SD card.
    7. Tap Reset phone.
    8. Tap Erase everything.
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    no, I finally got all the bloatware to stop bugging me, am not goin through all that again....


    this thing is loaded with unwanted programs that I can't remove.


    No, this just hastens our exit to a more affordable carrier. Shouldn't have to wipe the phone on a guess....


    Thanks anyway,



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    Did it have this problem from new?

    Does it happen right after rebooting the phone too?

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    The problem with WiFi calling began when I was able to make wifi calls.


    Restart the device often, am doing so now to see if it makes a difference.


    Clearly it has wifi calling issues.


    No difference on the restart, same thing.

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    'I have not heard of the screen not going black when put up to the cheek so nothing is hit accidentally.'


    Is the 'proximity sensor' option in the phone settings that does this. When it works correctly, the phone goes black when close to the face to avoid hitting keys and shows you when you pull it away.


    All that is topsy turvy on WiFi calls.





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    Hi Rick,


    I think that this is going to take some more intense troubleshooting. I'm going to send you a private message to get more information. Take a look when you've got a moment.

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    Hi Jessica,


    I replied to your message both within this environment and by regular email, as well. My apologies for the delay.


    Really like this phone, we 'discovered' Google Translate - How frigging cool is that??


    My Dad speaks fluent Italian and he was blown away by it.


    Hoping to get Wifi calling squared away, am a Skype user anyway and it actually works GREAT on this phone, is why the WiFi issues are surprsing me. Skype works natively, if you let it.,


    So very cool.


    Thanks in advance for your help



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    Does this happen on all Wi-Fi connections?  I've tested on my Note II and I don't see the same issues except the proximity sensor does something a bit similar but maybe that's how I hold my device.



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    This was posted this on the forum specific to my device, am assuming it is a problem with MY device and/or hardware.


    Not being able to replicate it on another phone, will likely not be of much help.


    This is posted on the Huawei MyTouchQ help forums, and that is my device.


    The 'proximity sensor' does NOT work properly on wifi, call earlier today went to speakerphone while it was against my head. On speakerphone, the touch tones do not work properly, they echo and don't take on the other side.


    Basically have detailed the issues out in this thread, but I keep getting asked stuff have already answered.


    Trying my best to help others and find answers, but is frustrating to have to start from zero with each person, when the thread details the isses....





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    Maybe it is software, are you running the same OS Android we have?? 2.36 something, I believe....

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