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        Other then that one in Italy show me proof of any other carrier hd7 getting it.

        AT&T model ain't getting it either.

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          Check this thread.



          Guys claimed to be getting it in the US and Canada and having it promised in UK.  Unfortunately they didn't name the carrier.



          I think I read another thread where someone said AT&T was doing it in the US - I'll try to find it.

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            Unfortunately no amount of complaining will convince Tmo and HTC to issue the update we deserve.  They want us to fill landfills and keep foreign labor forces working instead of being content with perfectly fine equipment.  Companies taught being green but encourage and even manipulate consumers to be wasteful.  I'm not a person who has to have the latest and greatest.  Just keep my stuff usable and up to date.  Can't cost much to push a button to send out an update?  And I'm sure they don't spend endless manhours testing weather it will work on a two year old phone.  Enough ranting and raving, I step down from my soapbox and say good buy.

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              TtheThe creepy thing is, they're still selling 'refurbished' HD7s.  But anyone who buys one will get burned beause they won't get  update.


              And most annoying of all, T-Mobile  won't even say for sure that it's not coming.   A simple yes or no would do.


              Well there's no way I'm renewing my contract with this phone, so for me it just comes down to which carrier offers the best deal on a new Win8 phone. And so far it doesn't look like T-Mobile. 

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                That's because of sue happy people. We can go back as 6 years and see how people treat soft dates as promises even when carriers and manufacturers make no such promise. It's always in their best interest to keep their mouths shut.

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                  I'm afraid that the way in which T-Mobile has handled this is quite poor.  I've been a loyal customer for years, recommended windows phones, and particularly the HD7, for some time.  This has been a very bad period of time for me and their service.  I've checked daily for months on any word, nothing.  It's obviously something that can be done, still nothing.  People "leaking" HD7's on 7.8 on the web, YouTube, and other places, and still more nothing.


                  So what am I beginning to expect from T-Mobile?


                  It's not enough to blame either MS or HTC, you have the relationship with them, not us.  We rely on you, as our carrier, to advance our case to them as loyal customers.  It doesn't seem as if you care enough to tell us anything.  Sorry for the soapbox.

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