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    lg l9 sd card

      i have been running out of space on my phone and i just got it i just deleted eveey single app and i still cannot download anything wtf i just looked at phone in back and there is no card in it!!!! checked the box and none in it either nor is there a welcome book or anything. this is so annoying what do i do to get a card?

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          You can get a MicroSD card at most any store that has an electronics department like Walmart, BestBuy or Staples.  Amazon, too, of course.  Make sure it's MicroSD, not the regular size SD card.

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            i cannot afford it why wasnt there one with my phone. every other phone i ever got cme with one.

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              The simple answer is cost cutting. LG made the decision to lower the price of the phone to consumers, but in order to do that had to cut out a few things like mirco SD, corded headset, phone features, etc.


              Because smart phones have been around for some time now, they probably decided that most users already had a 2 GB card or a headset from a previous phone.


              2-4 GB cards runs $3-$5. Corded headsets run $5-$20. Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze is $100 more than the L9, but it does comes with a micro sd card.

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                I just bought a 16gb card for $10 bucks, Newegg, Fry's, Amazon.


                The internal memory is the problem though.

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                  FYI, this phone should have about 1.8GB of available onboard storage, straight out of the box, with the microSD slot EMPTY.


                  Click the bottom right touch button, go into "app settings" and check how much space is used and free (at the bottom). I have loaded several apps on mine, and still have 1.5GB free.


                  If you haven't loaded it down with apps, pics, etc..., there should be plenty of storage left on the built-in memory.


                  There also should have been a shrink wrapped stack of 3 or 4 small manuals in the box. Is yours the US version?