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    List of new things the Gingerbread man brings


      Hey there boys and girls ... I know we're all excited about Gingerbread coming to the myTouch 4G .. and we should be!  It's always a good thing to get the latest OS update and see the changes and improvements it brings.


      With that said, I went through and made a list of new things I've found that Gingerbread brings.  I hope that it helps a few of you out there in deciding whether or not the update is for you but to mainly show how much has actually changed.  (at least that I've noticed)


      Feel free to point out anything else you've noticed in addition to these things.  I tried making it as simple as I could ... hope it's not confusing to anyone.  If it is, just let me know and I'll try to clear it up if I can.



      General things that have changed


      - new 4G status icon replaces H icon

      - new Internet Explorer app icon

      - new Tmobile Mall (just a suggestion app based on the apps you have)

      - new Tmobile Highlight (think news feed)

      - new Unread messages icon

      - new Gmail notification icon

      - new Market download notification icon

      - new Downloads app

      - new Notifications area (added Quick Settings tab)


      Stock mail things that have changed


      - new option to view an Inbox + Sent folder combined

      - new option to Show CC/BCC when recipient is selected


      Messaging things that have changed


      - new options no longer combined ... they're separated for Notification, Text messages (SMS), Multimedia messages (MMS) and General

      - new recipient phone number field added above text area when responding to a message

      - new compose option to add Quick text when responding

      - new option to search Messages from Home

      - moved other options around .. no longer an option for Push messages etc on Home


      Settings that have changed


      - new Internet call settings/options (Settings > Call)

      - new Home country and Home dialing options (Settings > Call)

      - new Storage use option (Settings > Application > Manage Applications)

      - new UI for application managing .. added conversation bubble highlighting Internal store use

      - moved option for Fast Boot from under Applications to under Power setting (also renamed it Power and not Power saver)

      - new option for Software updates and Tell HTC (Settings > About phone)

      - moved Lock screen option for displaying message text on lock (Settings > Privacy) ... formerly under Messages settings


      Functions that have changed


      - changed the way Cache is calculated ... no longer added to total app size

      - improved font and resolution (menus clearer, more room on screen)


      So far that's all I've noticed.  I'm sure there's much more but like I said .. just wanted to give you guys and girls a quick reference to use if you needed.

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