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    Can't send Picture Messages!!! Help?!

      I have the same phone as my husband. ( Samsung Vibrant)  He can send pitcure messages and I cannot. I went to the TMstore and they said I have to enter everyone's phone number instead of using the drop down menu for phone numbers. What a bunch of crock!  I'm highly annoyed! I have full service bars, wifi/ data and still cannot send. WTH is going on?? Any help/ideas?

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          This may seem like a strange question, but have you ever received a pic msg? I ask because it seems as soon as you do, you can send them. It's a quirk that has been experienced by others. If possible, send one to yourself, that may also work.
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            I called Tmobile and they were able to help more instead of the Tech at the the store.

            I was told to put the SIM card in another phone and try to send a picture message to myself and to another person using the other phone ( I had my old G1 still, which I used).  Well, goes to find out.. it would not send it!.

            So what I have to do now, is go to the store and get a new SIM card.  He told me the SIM card is messed up, since we did everything else and it came down to the card.


            To answer your question, Yes, i was able to recieve picture messages.


            Also, thank you for responding.

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              No problem with the respond ;) I'm not here as often as before but I do try. Glad you got it figured out, too bad it didn't work for you in the first place.
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                It used to work and would work randomly....hopefully it fixes my issue!
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                  I had this same issue.


                  I couldn't send picture, MMS messages to any of my contacts. It wouild just get stuck on Sending... even to myself.

                  I could receive picture messages.

                  I could send if I entered the number manually.


                  I just got off the phone with t-mobile support and helped me figure it out.


                  It appears that all of my previous contacts were imported with different fomats, even my own:

                  +1(xxx)xxx-xxxx, 1(xxx)xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx.


                  To fix my issue:

                  I had to login to gmail account

                  Go to to Contacts

                  Edit each of my contacts and remove all of the extra characters to be 1xxxxxxxxxx

                  Once my phone synchronized with my online changes, I was able to send picture messages to my contacts.

                  Even previous picture messages that were stuck on Sending... sent


                  Hope this helps


                  I am using a G2, Powered by Android

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                    We did try that. I went to all my contacts and took out all the + 1 and I was still unable to send pictures. It turns out, I had an old SIM card! So they replaced the SIM card and now I am able to sned pics again. 

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                      Back to the drawing board!  A few days after the NEW SIM card the picture messaging stopped working. So now they believe its the network. It can up to 72hrs for them to fix this issue... So I will update again once things are fixed...

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                        havent been able to send or receive pics for 6 weeks. Tmobile had me dlete all contacts  messages  yada yada.... nothing works. I pay 60$ a month between 2 lines for unlimikted text with picture mail i cant even use,

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                          Yep!  They fixed it.. BUT.. some pics go through and some dont. It takes a few minutes up  till about 12hrs!  I don't qualify for a new phone until June! I do qualify for $80 off for a new one.. but that doesnt help when the phones are $200+ .  It SUCKS!!! I'm so annoyed!

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                            i was having this issue and i fixed it fast and easy

                            Step 1. go to setting on your phone

                            Step 2 . then go to wireless and networks.

                            Step 3. Go To mobile Networks

                            Step 4. click Access Point Names.

                            Step 5. click the Menu button on your phone

                            Step 6. click the Reset To Default.

                            you are done


                            you should have somthing like this


                            T-mobile Data



                            T-Mobile MMS



                            Enjoy your picture messages i was on the phone with support they tried everything had me reboot remove applications and everything but they never had me reset my Access Points i did this on my own and solved my issue.

                            hope it works for you.

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                              Thanks for the tip. They also had me check my access points and it still did nothing. I can send picture messags, but it still takes awhile. It used to send it right away. Now it can take a few hours or not even at all. This has been going on since July!  I am so so annoyed.

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                                Go  to settings->wireless & networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Hit menu-> Choose New APN Enter the information just as you see it here. then press menue again  and save settings. then delete the original APN that was there believe is say tkila. now picture messeges should work :) 1.If there is a T-Mobile APN, touch it. If not, press the Menu key, and touch New APN. 1.Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN: 2.Name: T-Mobile •APN: epc.tmobile.com •Proxy: •You can also set: •Port: •You can also set: 8080 •Username: •Password: •Server: •MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc •MMS proxy: •You can also set: •MMS port: •You can also set: 8080 •MMS protocol: WAP 2.0 •MCC: 310 •MNC: 260 •Authentication type: •APN type: OR Internet+MMS

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                                  Is there any reason you are recommending setting a value for the Proxy and Port? That APN should work with neither set. The APN Type definitely needs to be: Internet + MMS.

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                                    I have also been unable to send any pictures from my phone for the past couple months. Just went thru these steps and is working great again !!!  Thank you !!!