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T-Mobile "relaunching" the $70 Truly Unlimited 4G Plan?

So I just got off the phone with a customer svc rep and I asked him a few questions regarding the upgraded 70 dollar plan.  The matter of discussion focused on the fact that the 70 dollar plan still has the same description about the 5GB 4G limit etc when you try and switch to the said plan.  The rep told me that the supposed launch of the truly unlimited 4G plan last Jan 9th was postponed.  He said T-Mobile is "relaunching" the revamped 70 dollar plan on the 19th of this month.


He apologized for apprently misinforming the public (I'm like "ohhkaay???").  But to T-Mobile's defense he told me that 70 dollar plan holders who have gone over their 5GB 4G limit are actually now enjoying the "truly unlimited" aspect of their plan (lucky you all!).  Can any 70 dollar plan holders confirm this information to me please?


Can any t-Mobile official rep in these forums confirm the "relaunch" of the said plan?